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How to spell MUDDERED correctly?

The correct spelling for "muddered" could be "muttered" or "muddied". "Muttered" means to speak quietly or indistinctly. "Muddied" refers to something that has been made dirty or unclear. Your choice will depend on the context of your writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell muddered correctly

  • Doddered
  • maddened The constant buzzing sound maddened me, and I couldn't concentrate on my work.
  • maundered She had on a old moth-eaten sweater that maundered around her shoulders.
  • moldered The moldered wallpaper was a reminder of the previous tenant's poor hygiene.
  • mouldered The old door was mouldered with age.
  • muddied The heavy rain muddied the once pristine hiking trail.
  • muddled After staying awake for over 24 hours, her thoughts became muddled and she couldn't make a clear decision.
  • murdered The victim was tragically murdered in cold blood.
  • murderer The murderer was caught by the police after several months of investigation.
  • Mustered He mustered up the courage to ask for her hand in marriage.
  • Muttered
  • Shuddered She shuddered at the thought of being stuck in the snow.

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