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How to spell MUDERED correctly?

If you meant to type "murdered" but mistakenly wrote "mudered", worry not, as it happens to everyone! Here's a quick fix: replace the incorrect 'd' with a 'r' to get the correct spelling. Remember, it's essential to proofread to avoid simple typos that might alter your intended meaning.

List of suggestions on how to spell mudered correctly

  • maundered As the speaker maundered on, the audience began to lose interest in his ramblings.
  • metered The water usage in the apartment complex is metered, meaning that tenants are charged based on the amount of water they use.
  • Mitered The carpenter expertly mitered the corners of the picture frame.
  • modeled The architect modeled the building in 3D software before construction began.
  • moldered The bread had a moldered crust.
  • mouldered The door is mouldered with age.
  • muddied The water in the river had become muddied after the heavy rain.
  • muddled I'm muddled about what to wear tonight.
  • murdered The victim was mercilessly murdered in broad daylight.
  • murderer The murderer was caught and jailed.
  • Mustered Despite feeling unwell, he mustered the strength to attend his best friend's wedding.
  • Muttered They muttered about their options.
  • ordered I ordered a pizza with extra cheese and sausage for dinner.

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