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How to spell MUDSLUNGS correctly?

If you are searching for the right term while inadvertently typing "mudslungs", look no further! The correct spelling is "mudslinging", which refers to the practice of making damaging accusations against someone in an attempt to discredit them. Avoid the embarrassment of using the wrong word and remember "mudslinging" for future reference.

List of suggestions on how to spell mudslungs correctly

  • Modelings I have been learning different modelings in my art class, including clay modeling and wire modeling.
  • Muddling She tried muddling her way through the complicated instructions, but ended up even more confused.
  • Mudslides The heavy rainfall caused devastating mudslides that destroyed several homes in the area.
  • Mudslinger The politician hired a mudslinger to spread false rumors about her opponent.
  • Mudslingers The political debate turned into a chaotic mess, with both candidates resorting to being mudslingers in an attempt to discredit one another.
  • Musings She often filled her journal pages with her late-night musings on life and love.
  • Mustangs The Mustangs are known for their speed and agility on the football field.
  • Nurslings The caretakers in the nursery meticulously attended to each of the fragile nurslings, ensuring their comfort and well-being.
  • Quislings During the war, numerous individuals were labeled as quislings for collaborating with the enemy.
  • Unslings He unslings his backpack and sets it down on the ground before beginning his hike.
  • Unslung He unslung the heavy backpack from his shoulders and set it down beside him.

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