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How to spell MUFIN correctly?

If you're trying to spell "mufin" but it's coming out wrong, don't worry, we have some suggestions for you. The correct spelling is "muffin". Remember to double the "f" and drop the extra "i". Now you're all set to bake and enjoy a delicious, perfectly spelled muffin!

List of suggestions on how to spell mufin correctly

  • fin The fish swam rapidly and elegantly, its tail fin propelling it through the water with ease.
  • mafia The mafia's control over the city's politics was notorious.
  • main The main dish for dinner tonight is roasted chicken.
  • Marin Marin County is known for its stunning coastal views and picturesque hiking trails.
  • min I set my alarm for 7:00 min this morning, but I accidentally slept through it.
  • Morin
  • muffin
  • Muffing The party was enthusiastically muffing up the tunes.
  • muffins I love to bake blueberry muffins on lazy Sunday mornings.
  • muffs I always get cold hands so I wear muffs at night.
  • mufti The mufti will give a sermon at the service.
  • Mun
  • murine The murine family of rodents includes hamsters, guinea pigs, and mice.
  • musing I'm currently musing about what to cook for dinner.
  • Muting The teacher requested muting the microphones during the lecture.
  • mutiny The captain was overthrown in a mutiny led by the disgruntled crew members.
  • puffin The puffin was adorable, but I wished it would stop making that noise.

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