Correct spelling for MUKTI

We think the word mukti is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for mukti

  • curt The letter was rude and curt, and Lady Frances's fine black eyes flashed as she read the words.
  • cut It really wasn't very much of a cut.
  • cute What a cute ...
  • gut How did our fellows work; she dragged a good deal below the Gut.
  • jut I do not profess to say why there was the double form Vit, and Jut-nor should I have identified them myself.
  • jute In normal years there is also a large quantity of fibre of a better quality than what is known as "first mark," and this better quality is termed "fine jute"; while there is yet a further lot, the quality of which is below these good ones.
  • kit 161. " Kit-Kat" Club, i.
  • magi 39. Lustrations, 39. Lydia, Magi in, 139. Lydus, Johannes, 55. Lyons, 216 n.
  • make If not very deep, I might perhaps be able to dive to the bottom; but though naturally eager to make the attempt, I felt it would be safest to do nothing in the matter until I was joined by my friends.
  • market This is shipped to market, usually in full cargo lots.
  • mart Galba, 7. 1171 Mart.
  • mat When they finished eating she spread the mat and the blanket which they kept in the box.
  • mate Years ago you and I played together as babies, and our fond mammas vowed we should one day mate.
  • matt "But if Matt finds he wasn't-in the accident, it's my business to do all I can to bring him to justice.
  • meat Even more remarkable was it that Fox would not steal a piece of meat and that he would fight the other dogs for being thieves.
  • meet Who are you to ask me whom I meet or don't meet?
  • merit I know well enough how equivocal a test this kind of popular opinion forms of the merit that obtained it.
  • midi I recalled other trips over the same roads a year before which finally led to the Cherche- Midi prison, and each time I showed the blue slip to the gendarmes I shivered.
  • mike I keyed my mike as I ran.
  • mit And quick von man come back mit ze doctor, and ven, mit hees leetle knife, he have make my moder's arm bleed, ce speak, and ce say, Vare my fader be?
  • mite They knew the hymn: If you cannot give your thousands You can give the widow's mite.
  • mitt Tofaeono, the chair for the Republican Party of American Samoa, announced that all six delegates, along with three at-large delegates, had pledged their support to Mitt Romney.
  • moat In the case of the winter home, the location, the structure, the submerged entrance, the living-room, and the surrounding moat, are topics of interest.
  • moot To what College or Hall his name and fame belong is a moot point among antiquaries.
  • mot Shall I tell you what Lord Bon Mot said of you?
  • mote Alle fresh the level pasture lay, And not a shadowe mote be seene, Save where full fyve good miles away The steeple towered from out the greene; And lo! the great bell farre and wide Was heard in all the country side That Saturday at eventide.
  • mott Two, Baxter and Schmitt, who had voted for the Mott resolution, were absent when the final vote on the bill was taken, leaving only ten who had voted for the Mott resolution to vote against the bill.
  • moult He said: These caterpillars are in their third moult-that is, they have changed their skin three times since emerging from the egg-and are now busily chewing the immature fruit of the scrub-palmetto.
  • mount 4, 161. Between Mount Olga and Barrow's Range.
  • mountie
  • mst
  • mt
  • muck
  • mucky
  • mud
  • mufti
  • mug
  • mulct
  • murk
  • murky
  • musket
  • must
  • musty
  • mute
  • muted
  • mutt
  • mutter
  • quit
  • quoit
  • skit
  • Met "I've met him; I know all about him.
  • Mete Where's Mete going to live?
  • Mort The syllable "mort" as in "mortal," means death of the debt.
  • Kurt A thing like that often brings in thousands, Kurt.
  • Mattie Pretty soon Bill's sister, Mattie, got to running around with Frank.
  • MDT Bolt, STL-compatible library for creating accelerated data parallel applications Bullet CLBlast: tuned clBlas clMAGMA, OpenCL port of the MAGMA project, a linear algebra library similar to LAPACK CP2K: molecular simulations GROMACS: chemical simulations HiFlow3: Open Source finite Elements CFD HIP, CUDA-to-portable C++ compiler LAMMPS MDT: Maastricht/MRI Diffusion Toolbox MOT: Maastricht/Multi-threaded Optimization Toolbox OCCA Octopus OpenMM: Part of Omnia Suite, biomolecular simulations PARALUTION pyFAI, Fast Azimuthal Integration in Python Random123, library of counter-based random number generators SecondSpace, simulation software for waves in 2D space StarPU, task programming library Theano: Python Array Library UFO, data processing framework VexCL, vector expression template library ViennaCL and PyViennaCL, linear algebra library developed at TU Wien
  • MK Action Replay MK II Action Replay MK III Action Replay MK IV (1988) Action Replay MK V (1989) Action Replay MK VI Commodore Amiga Action Replay (A500 cart / A2000 CPU card) Action Replay (A1200 card) Action Replay MK II (A500 cart / A2000 CPU card) Action Replay MK III (A500 cart / A2000 CPU card) (1991) PC Action Replay PC (ISA card) for DOS (1994) Action Replay PC for Windows 95/98 (1998) The ISA-based Action Replay needs memory-resident drivers for both the real and protected mode.
  • MKS The Alignment ended the session with six less MKs, as Mapam broke away from the party, unhappy at the power-sharing agreement with Shamir.
  • PKT
  • KT P - Kt 3; 2 K - Q 4, K - K 3; 3 K - B 5, K - B 3; 4 K - Q 6, K - B 2; 5 P - Kt 5, K - Kt 2; 6 K - K 7, K - Kt 1; 7 K - B 6, K - R 2; 8 K - B 7 and White wins the Pawn.
  • MTG
  • QUOT
  • MOET Dub & Dwars (Re-recorded reggae versions of the biggest Brainpower tunes, 2010) "Determination" (CD, 2015) Even Stil (Deluxe Edition) (2CD, 2015) Verschil Moet Er Zijn Limited 15th Anniversary Edition on Gold Colored Double Vinyl(2LP, 2002) Dub & Dwars Limited Edition for Record Store Day 2018 on Red Vinyl (Re-recorded reggae versions of the biggest Brainpower tunes, LP, 2018) EPs & Side-projects The Freestyles Chapter tape (LYRIC, 1998) Lyricist EP (LYRIC, 1999) ADHD - self-titled album of side project group ADHD (Virgin, 2004) DatvinnikCoke Brainpower presents.
  • mucked
  • Cutie A Coney Island Princess (1916), a silent film comedy-drama starring Irene Fenwick and Owen Moore Coney Island (1917 film), a silent comedy film starring Fatty Arbuckle and Buster Keaton Coney Island (1928 film), a film by Ralph Ince starring Lois Wilson, Lucille Mendez and Eugene Strong Coney Island (1943 film), a musical film starring Betty Grable Coney Island (1991 film), a documentary film about the island Music "Coney Island" (song), a 1989 spoken-word piece by Van Morrison, about his memories of a place of the same name in County Down "Coney Island", a song from the 2001 album The Photo Album by Death Cab for Cutie "Coney Island", a song from the 2010 album Butterfly House by The Coral

20 words made from the letters mukti

4 letter words made from mukti:

kuti, muki, muti, timu, tumi, itum, umit, tuki, tiku, utik, uitm.

3 letter words made from mukti:

kui, kum, kit, mut, tiu, mit, tum.

5 letter words made from mukti:

mukti, kutim.

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