Correct spelling for MULTISESSION

We think the word multisession is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for multisession

  • Cultivation
  • In the house cultivation of mushrooms there is usually a shed constructed with an opening on one or two sides, at the end of the house connected with the beds, where the manure may be cured.

  • Mutilation
  • A single pull with one of these hooks meant death or horrible mutilation for any person they struck.

  • Malthusian
  • It is hardly necessary to say that the malthusian doctrine receives cordial approbation from my friend the cook, when i have expounded it to him.

  • Pulsation
  • Here a venerable father sits, a bale of merchandise, moved with the quick pulsation of human senses.

  • Midsection
  • Each of the bears is stuffed, in its midsection only, with organically grown, roasted coffee beans of the appropriate flavor (frenchie vanilla comes with french vanilla beans, etc.

  • Motivation
  • Part of his motivation, probably, was a childish resentment.

    Now you lookin like you're lookin for an explaination Use the curves in my body for your motivation

    – Work by Kelly Rowland
  • Molestation
  • They knew better than play off their tricks on him, and he crossed quietly and without any molestation.

  • Mutation
  • Perhaps the mutation had begun before they left their native world.

  • Melanesian
  • The melanesian qualities are in part negroid or negritoid and in part australoid.

  • Multitasking
  • Interactive breakpoints the advent of teletypewriter consoles in the 1960s allowed more interactive command line debugging capabilities but it was not until the early 1970s and the arrival of ubiquitous video monitors connected to mainframes that fully interactive, full screen debugging in multitasking environments became a reality.

  • Multinational
  • In the early 20th century, the united fruit company, a multinational american corporation, was instrumental to the creation of the banana republic phenomenon.

  • Malediction
  • A malediction broke from the old man's lips.

  • Mitigation
  • It opens up to our minds possibilities both of prevention, and of either mitigation or cure.

  • Multistory
  • Home laundry chutes are placed on each floor of multistory homes allow the collection of all household members dirty laundry to one location, conveniently next to the laundry facilities, without the constant transport of laundry bins from story-to-story or room-to-room or up and down stairs.

  • Moleskin
  • Between him and the saloon-door there was a solid barricade of heavy dutch bodies, in moleskin, tan-cord, and greasy homespun, topped by lowering dutch faces.

731 words made from the letters multisession

5 letter words made from multisession:

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4 letter words made from multisession:

mile, seso, lest, noul, mist, moul, losi, nits, iilm, leus, iuni, munt, mils, ileo, mons, noli, tsum, loen, limo, mult, oseu, lost, loum, ulmi, iiul, mess, leio, ulto, lieu, leit, elom, suel, luit, nets, inul, sumo, eini, luso, olie, loei, line, enlo, loue, miou, isle, usen, sins, lens, liet, loti, noel, tuis, ilet, olim, moss, utne, sium, elms, ilus, most, loss, tulo, semi, snit, nisl, iesu, must, tumo, suet, leon, mint, slum, inus, sent, melt, toul, etim, tons, omne, metn, nisi, tsou, lint, meon, muti, silo, nome, tiel, etlo, sion, temi, ilio, slut, itoi, soul, tums, meio, muon, siss, leti, tuol, omit, tumi, sule, item, uses, tile, osun, tuno, iton, suen, tues, leni, monu, moue, milo, tune, neus, mute, nuit, oium, teli, tsui, oust, smut, lots, omul, itum, otim, sens, temu, sone, muto, note, sess, moel, some, numt, sutl, lone, teso, iuml, nuts, luin, seli, iuno, tlou, tone, nito, silt, unit, inlo, slot, suit, sloe, lute, lets, unio, nsui, emin, miss, oeil, meou, osel, mien, itmo, lion, etui, toei, siel, omen, lein, toil, tuen, muen, inme, osen, site, suon, stun, lose, mini, list, inui, nute, sets, sulo, lent, moil, slit, nous, toun, unti, uitm, suin, olst, mite, lunt, itno, tsen, molt, elio, seoi, mule, mein, tieu, leto, lite, muss, snel, sein, tolu, tuni, enim, smin, suos, lout, enol, ento, muse, otis, eous, tuoi, ouen, iiun, snot, tnsm, eons, lisu, nuel, isis, moen, nout, smen, less, nest, suoi, menu, sise, inti, lime, otus, mine, milu, sums, onus, sust, leum, tine, toss, timu, unie, loin, inst, somu, numi, tome, iten, time, muil, stem, ueno, tuel, tion, iino, setu, soil, sole, ness, meso, meno, omni, tous, inle, lous, limn, sues, slon, euoi, slue, ueli, imin, lien, sine, lino, umit, mote, suto, nose, olmi, siim, ulmo, nile, sonu, tuin, sulm, liut, ties, tuli, lust, lies, neum, milt, luen, slim, loeu, lini, lome, emit, ulin, mole.

3 letter words made from multisession:

mit, est, mls, mon, ilo, mot, nit, imo, one, mus, sle, iou, lie, lem, som, stm, ion, net, sue, nil, iso, tun, enl, mei, luo, nim, sum, sis, sus, tum, sun, uni, eon, sse, min, mil, tin, let, use, son, sou, mut, sls, out, oil, lit, ton, tom, ute, ent, lei, leu, not, sin, uns, emu, sos, mol, sol, ten, sot, sit, ult, set, ism, tie, mes, leo, esm, mst, mis, elm, toe, sen, nut, lin, men, lii, tss, olm, neo, lot, oui, eos, ies, nsu, tiu.