How to spell MUNNY correctly?

We think the word munny is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell munny correctly

  • bunny He had had a wider horizon than most of them; Harry remembered how Bunny had envied him in New Zealand.
  • funny Funny she should notice, he thought.
  • gunny He stood up with hands upstretched to catch the fire-caught it-bore it downward-and smothered it in gunny-bags.
  • main The main consideration is, what will become of you?
  • man "That's the man," replied Jack.
  • mane Refusing Carne's aid, he remained on his horse, and stroked his mane for a moment, for he loved any creature that served him well, and was tender of heart when he could afford it; which added to his power with mankind.
  • mangy After waiting a quarter of an hour the fellow saw that his onagra was not likely to get any more customers, so, putting the beast up in the stable, he approached the pigsty, opened it, and drew out by his chain Baptiste, the Savoy bear, an old brute with a brown mangy-looking coat, as sulky and ashamed as a sweep coming down a chimney.
  • manky If the hind should come again, before we be gone, pray send me the shift and apron, with the vite gallow manky shoes; which you'll find in my pillowber-Sarvice to Saul-
  • manly "All right, sir," said Ben, touching his forelock with an old sailor trick-a token of respect involuntarily forced from him by Frank's manly promptitude in taking the bull by the horns, "We're with you to the last ditch, the top of the main-top gallant, the bottom of the deep-blue sea, or the ends of the earth."
  • mann Antony and Cleopatra defying the Mann Act!
  • manna At the heart of the ether where you rest upon the summits may you continue to receive the nourishment with which your peaceful kingdom is endowed, may the light bathe your cells which are still unrecognized, may buoyant flakes and curves steep them, may they resound to the vibration of the winds, may they receive at last that harmonious manna which stilled the hunger of Mary Magdalene in the grotto.
  • manner "One thing I beg of you both," he said, and the old nervousness of manner returned as he glanced at Katharine.
  • many He must know many languages and many sciences, and, that his style may be worthy of his thoughts, must by incessant practice familiarise to himself every delicacy of speech and grace of harmony.
  • mean I mean Mr. Hilton Barber, now of Halesowen, near Cradock, and his brothers Guy and Graham.
  • meany One of Whitty's sub-editors on the "Daily Post" was Stephen Joseph Meany, a somewhat prominent figure in the Young Ireland and Fenian movements.
  • men A general view hallo was raised; I should say at least a hundred and fifty men streamed out and joined in the pursuit.
  • menu The place-cards each bore a mock telephone number, such as Sing 1236, Circle 6320, Joke 5156, Shiver 9315, Groan 231. The menu was mostly white and served on blue dishes.
  • mien He little suspected, when that man of noble mien rose up-he for whom the hum of conversation became suddenly hushed-and upon whom every eye was turned with a regard that seemed that of a brotherly affection- little suspected the sneaking spy of a Court, that he was listening to the most disinterested patriot England has ever produced-that glorious hero of the Chilterns-John Hampden.
  • min 831, et quem tu plangens hominem testaris Osirim; Min.
  • mine Lord, how Thy wonders are display'd Where'er I turn mine eye!
  • ming The Greenland Eskimos had previously called the country "Ah-ming-mah Noona," or Musk Ox Land, but they also adopted the name of Acpohon, so we have taken the liberty of spreading the name over the entire island as a general name for the most northern land west of Greenland.
  • mingy
  • mini
  • minnow
  • mn
  • moan
  • mon
  • mona
  • money
  • mono
  • moon
  • morn
  • mourn
  • munch
  • mung
  • munro
  • mutiny
  • myna
  • puny
  • runny
  • sunny
  • tunney
  • tunny
  • Mun
  • Dunn And then, never thinking that the Elephant had been tossed out of the broken window into a bank of snow, Mr. Dunn started his car off on another road, leaving the poor Elephant stuck in the drift.
  • Monty
  • Mandy In the little white cottage now, Mandy Loomis, in a fever of excitement, is running from door to window, flapping out flies with her apron, opening the oven door, fidgeting here and there like a distracted creature; but in the quiet room, where Rejoice lies with folded hands, all is peace, brooding peace and calm and blessedness.
  • Mindy Mindy stretched and sat up drowsily.
  • Minnie
  • Minty
  • Mani Then a new Sun and a new Moon appeared and went traveling through the heavens; they were more lovely than Sol and Mani, and no wolves followed behind them in chase.
  • MINN
  • Munoz
  • Mooney

List of 6 words made from the word munny

4 letter words made from munny:

nyum, myun, muny, yunn, munn.

3 letter words made from munny:


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