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How to spell MURED correctly?

If you've misspelled "mured", fret not! Here are some correct alternatives: "muted" implies subdued sound or color, "cured" refers to healing or preserving food, "mured" is an old term for imprisonment, and "murdered" denotes the unlawful killing of a person. Remember to proofread thoroughly to avoid confusion!

List of suggestions on how to spell mured correctly

  • Bred
  • buried
  • burred The ground was covered in snow burred with tire tracks.
  • cred They gave him cred for his great achievements in the field of science.
  • cured I'm cured of that addiction.
  • Fred Yesterday, Fred and I went for a walk by the river.
  • furred The cat's coat was thick and furred, providing warmth on a chilly day.
  • Immured She was immured in the prison for years until she managed to escape.
  • Lured Tom is being lured away from his house by Jane.
  • Manured
  • mare She had a nightmare that she was being chased by a giant mare.
  • marked I find the package marked "Do Not Return To Sender" with my name on it.
  • marred The event was marred by the sound of gunfire.
  • matured After several years of experience in her field, she has matured into a confident and capable professional.
  • Mauled The bear mauled the hiker who had accidentally stumbled into its territory.
  • med
  • meed I always eat meed before eating food to help with my digestion.
  • mere She was just a mere mortal after all.
  • merged The two companies have merged and become one powerhouse.
  • mire The car drove through a deep mire, splashing mud all over the passengers.
  • mired It was mired in mud.
  • Mitred They have Mitred rulers.
  • Mooed As we walked through the pasture, the cows lazily mooed in the distance.
  • Moored We sailed slowly around the small island, taking in the spectacular view of the Moored Winch in the harbor.
  • more Please give me a more accurate estimate.
  • Mourned The entire community mourned the loss of their beloved mayor.
  • Moused He moused over the button to see its function.
  • mucked I kicked the bag, then mucked my shoe on the bitumen.
  • mud I love mud baths.
  • Muffed He muffed his line and the applause was ironic.
  • mugged
  • Mulled She mulled over her decision for hours before finally deciding what to do.
  • Muriel I wonder what Muriel is doing.
  • Mused As I mused on the meaning of life, I realized that it is ultimately up to each individual to give their life purpose.
  • Mushed She was so mad when he mushed her burger that she chucked a beer at him.
  • Mussed I'm not sure what you Mean when you say " Mussed," but I don't look that way.
  • mute He decided to mute his phone before entering the movie theater.
  • muted A muted sound can be pleasing to the ear.
  • Poured She poured herself a cup of coffee before heading to work.
  • pureed The mixture was pureed using a stick blender.
  • Purred The cat purred softly as it curled up in my lap.
  • red The red car is a classic.
  • Rued He ultimately rued his decision to skip the concert.
  • soured The milk has soured, we cannot drink it anymore.
  • Toured Our family toured Europe this summer.

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