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How to spell MUSELED correctly?

The misspelling "museled" could possibly be corrected to "muzzled", meaning to restrain or silence or "muscle", referring to the body tissue used in movement. Additionally, if the intended word was actually "muse" meaning to inspire or stimulate creativity, then simply correcting the spelling to the correct word would suffice.

List of suggestions on how to spell museled correctly

  • Misled He claims he was misled by the company's advertising.
  • modeled She modeled her behavior after her favorite teacher.
  • Moseley Moseley is a neighborhood in Birmingham, England known for its independent shops and restaurants.
  • muddled I'm feeling muddled and unsure about what the best course of action is.
  • muffled I could hear the sound of someone yelling, but it was muffled by the closed door.
  • Mulled She mulled over the decision for hours before finally making a choice.
  • Muscled The muscled athlete lifted the heavy barbell effortlessly.
  • Mused She mused over her options before making her decision.
  • Mussed She mussed her hair before going out because she wanted to achieve the messy-chic look.
  • Muzzled The dog was muzzled to prevent him from biting anyone.
  • tussled The boys tussled over the last slice of pizza.

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