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How to spell MUSEM correctly?

If you've mistyped "musem" while searching for a museum, fret not! Here are some helpful suggestions. Try typing "museum" instead, ensuring you include the extra 'u.' Alternatively, search for specific museums like "art museum" or "history museum" to narrow down your results. Happy exploring!

List of suggestions on how to spell musem correctly

  • maser My mom is a maser.
  • mauser The rifle was originally designed by Mauser.
  • meuse Near the Meuse River, the countryside is flat and fertile.
  • miser The miser refused to part with even a single penny of his wealth, no matter how great the need of others.
  • modem I need to connect my modem to the router to get an internet connection.
  • moses After being freed from the Nile, Moses led the Israelites out of Egypt.
  • mosey I like to mosey around the park in the morning before starting my day.
  • mouse I heard a mouse in the closet.
  • Moused I'm moused and I don't have a mouse pad.
  • mouser My cat is an excellent mouser and has caught many rodents in our house.
  • mum I'm going to ask mum if I can stay at home today.
  • mus
  • muse I muse over the genius of Shakespeare.
  • Mused As I walked through the art museum, I mused about the different interpretations each piece could have.
  • muses The painter found inspiration in his muses, the three women who posed for him regularly.
  • museum By visiting the museum, I learned about the history of the artefacts.
  • museums I am a fan of museums.
  • music Music is one of the most beloved and popular forms of art.
  • musk The smell of musk filled the air as I walked through the forest.
  • musky John's uncle was a musky fisherman.
  • muslim I have a muslim friend who observes Ramadan every year.
  • muss I can't believe shem left his muss all over the place.
  • Mussed After the strong winds, the girl's hair was mussed up and tangled.
  • mussel I ate a mussel on my boat trip.
  • musses
  • mussy After running my fingers through my hair, it became mussy and unkempt.
  • must I must finish this report by Friday.
  • muster Despite feeling exhausted, she managed to muster the strength to finish the marathon.
  • musty

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