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How to spell MUTIEN correctly?

If you meant to type "mutien" but it was a misspelling, here are some possible correct suggestions. It could be "mutine", referring to rebellion or defiance. Another option is "mutineer", meaning a person who leads or participates in a mutiny. Lastly, "mutant" refers to an organism that has undergone genetic mutation.

List of suggestions on how to spell mutien correctly

  • Cutie She smiled at the adorable little puppy, calling it a cutie.
  • Cuties The cuties were all dressed up for Halloween in their adorable costumes.
  • Duties One of my main duties as a teacher is to create lesson plans.
  • Julien Julien is a talented musician who is known for his beautiful compositions.
  • Lucien Lucien will be leading the team in the upcoming project.
  • Lutein Lutein is a powerful antioxidant found in green leafy vegetables that helps protect the eyes from damage caused by blue light.
  • Métier
  • Metier After years of working various jobs, she finally found her true metier as a successful chef.
  • Mien Her elegant mien and confident demeanor immediately caught everyone's attention at the party.
  • Mitten I wear a warm mitten on each hand to keep my fingers cozy in the winter.
  • Motion She demonstrated the correct motion for the dance routine.
  • Mullen Mullen is a common last name in Ireland.
  • Muriel Muriel is an excellent cook and always prepares delicious meals for her family.
  • Murine The researchers conducted a murine study to investigate the effects of the new drug on mice.
  • Mustier The mustier the air became, the more she longed for a breath of fresh scent.
  • Mutagen Exposure to mutagens such as radiation can induce changes in DNA and increase the risk of developing cancer.
  • Mute He pressed the mute button on the remote to silence the television.
  • Muted The soft, muted colors of the painting gave it a subtle and calming effect.
  • Muter They insisted on using the muter feature of the television to silence the loud commercials.
  • Mutes He mutes his phone before entering the movie theater.
  • Muting I am muting the TV so I can concentrate on my homework.
  • Mutiny The sailors plotted a mutiny against the cruel captain of the ship.
  • Mutism Mutism is a rare condition in which a person is unable to speak fluently or completely.
  • Mutter She could barely hear her mother mutter under her breath as she stormed out of the room.
  • Mutton The restaurant's speciality is a slow-cooked mutton stew.
  • Putin Putin will be seeking another term as the President of Russia in the upcoming election.

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