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How to spell MUUMED correctly?

If you accidentally mistyped "Muumed", fear not! Here are some possible suggestions for the correct spelling: "Murmured", meaning to speak in a low, indistinct voice; "Moussed", referring to styling hair using mousse; or "Mummed", meaning to remain silent or muffled. Check the context to choose the most suitable option!

List of suggestions on how to spell Muumed correctly

  • Bummed I was really bummed when I couldn't find my car keys.
  • Cummed
  • Fumed After waiting for hours without any explanation, the frustrated passengers fumed in the overcrowded waiting area.
  • Gummed I had to buy new envelopes because the old ones were gummed shut.
  • Hummed She hummed a sweet melody as she walked through the garden.
  • Maimed The accident left him maimed, forever changing his life.
  • Mauled The hiker was mauled by a bear while exploring the dense forest.
  • Maumee Maumee River runs through the heart of Toledo, Ohio.
  • Mehmed Mehmed was a powerful and influential Sultan of the Ottoman Empire.
  • Mfume Kweisi Mfume is a renowned civil rights leader and politician.
  • Mimed The street performer skillfully mimed the actions of a juggler, captivating the audience with his silent performance.
  • Moused He moused over the link to get more information.
  • Mucked I accidentally mucked up the painting by spilling my coffee on it.
  • Muffed The quarterback muffed the easy pass, causing the team to lose the game.
  • Mugged He was mugged on his way home from work last night.
  • Mulled She mulled over the decision before finally making up her mind.
  • Mummer I could hear the joyful sounds of laughter and music as the mummer troupe paraded through the town square.
  • Munged The computer program's algorithm munged the data in order to protect sensitive information.
  • Mused As she sat by the window, she mused about all the possibilities that lay ahead of her.
  • Mushed I mushed the berries together to make a smooth consistency for the jam.
  • Mussed She came back from the windy beach with her hair all mussed up.
  • Muted The sound of the ocean waves crashing against the shore was muted by the soundproof windows of the beachfront hotel.
  • Muumuu She wore a floral muumuu to the beach party.
  • Plumed The bird's bright green feathers plumed beautifully as it soared through the sky.
  • PubMed I found a research article on PubMed that discusses the efficacy of a new cancer treatment.
  • Spumed The waves spumed and crashed against the rocks, sending sprays of foam into the air.
  • Summed The total cost of the project can be summed up as $10,000.

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