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How to spell NARMER correctly?

If you've misspelled "narmer", fear not! Here are a few correct suggestions: "farmer", referring to someone who works on a farm; "narrower", denoting something with a smaller width; or "nearer", indicating a closer distance. Double-check your context and choose the correct spelling accordingly.

List of suggestions on how to spell narmer correctly

  • Amer
  • armor
  • barmier She bought him a barmier for his birthday.
  • charmer He was a charmer, always able to win over anyone with his smooth words and charming smile.
  • dormer The dormer window offered a beautiful view of the garden below.
  • farmer The farmer works hard all year to grow and harvest crops to provide for his family and community.
  • firmer I need to exercise more to get a firmer body.
  • former My former boss is now the CEO of a different company.
  • gamer As a gamer, he spent hours playing his favorite video game.
  • hammer He used a hammer to build the new bookshelves.
  • lamer
  • Nader Nader is an economist who has focused on consumer rights.
  • nagger My sister can be a real nagger.
  • name She doesn't have a name.
  • named The cat named Tom has three brothers.
  • names I have trouble remembering names when I meet a lot of new people.
  • napier
  • napper
  • nasser Nasser was the president of Egypt during the early years of the Arab Revolutions.
  • natter We went to the cafe to natter over a cup of tea.
  • nearer I can hear you coming nearer.
  • nurser The nurser tended to the newborn babies in the neonatal unit.
  • tamer The tamer of the animals was being injured.
  • warmer I always feel warmer when I wear my cozy sweater.
  • yammer The employees would yammer on about their weekends during the company meeting.

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