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How to spell NASTEY correctly?

If someone misspells "nasty" as "nastey", there are a few possible correct suggestions, such as "nastier", "nastily" or simply correcting it to "nasty". It's important to pay attention to spelling, as it can impact how your message is received.

List of suggestions on how to spell nastey correctly

  • aster The garden was ablaze with the vibrant colors of aster flowers.
  • baste I always baste my turkey with butter and herbs before putting it in the oven.
  • baster I used a baster to suck up the juices from the pan.
  • caste India has a caste system that divides society into different social classes.
  • caster I need to replace the caster wheels on my office chair.
  • easter
  • faster I need to run faster if I want to catch the bus.
  • haste She rushed around in a haste to get everything done before her guests arrived.
  • hasty Due to his hasty decision making, he forgot to consider all of the possible outcomes of his actions.
  • master I am currently studying to become a master in computer science.
  • nasser I would have loved to see Nasser in person.
  • nastier He felt a nastier glare coming his way.
  • nastily She sneered nastily at him.
  • nasty The food tasted nasty due to its spoiled state.
  • Nate
  • natter I could natter on all day about nothing.
  • natty Despite his poor grooming habits, Natty was still able to get the ladies.
  • nested The bird has nested in the tree for many years.
  • paste After I paste my picture to the wall, I'll need to use a paintbrush to paint over the glop.
  • pasty I ate a delicious Cornish pasty for lunch.
  • raster The computer displays a raster image.
  • taste I wasn't too thrilled with the taste of the soup.
  • taster I love to try new things, so I'm always looking for a good taster.
  • tasty The cake was very tasty.
  • vaster He claimed that the universe was Vaster than he could understand.
  • waste We need to take care of the waste that accumulates over time.
  • waster He is a waster and spends his entire day on his couch doing nothing.

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