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How to spell NAVOL correctly?

If you meant to spell "navol" but realized it was incorrect, there are various possibilities that might clarify your intention. You could have been trying to type "naval" meaning related to the navy, "navel" referring to the belly button or even "navel" which is a type of orange. Double-check the context to find the most suitable replacement.

List of suggestions on how to spell navol correctly

  • cavil She couldn't cavil with the price he had paid for the car.
  • gavel
  • havel
  • Laval The town of Laval is in Quebec.
  • nail I need to buy a new nail to hang this picture.
  • nasal I need to get a nasal spray to ward off the cold.
  • natal She celebrated the natal day of her grandson with a beautiful cake.
  • NATL
  • naval The USS John F. Kennedy is a naval ship.
  • nave The nave is the long central section of a Christian church.
  • navel She had a tattoo of a rose that wrapped around her navel.
  • navels I noticed that all the oranges had different sizes and shapes of navels.
  • naves The grand cathedral had an impressively high ceiling with colorful naves extending towards the altar.
  • navvy The navvy dug the canal with great effort and skill.
  • navy My favorite outfit to wear to the navy ball is a navy dress.
  • novel It was a new novel that I had recently acquired.
  • ravel I am trying to ravel this skein of yarn, but it keeps getting tangled.

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