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How to spell NAVYS correctly?

A possible correct suggestion for the misspelling "navys" is "navies". This word refers to the military branches of a country that specialize in naval warfare. Another suggestion could be "navy's", which is the possessive form of "navy" and means something belonging to or associated with the navy.

List of suggestions on how to spell navys correctly

  • FAYS The fays danced around the fairy circle, weaving enchanting spells into the night air.
  • knaves The two knaves cheated their way to win the game.
  • naifs I found out that my best friend is actually a naifs.
  • nave
  • navels She had a thirty-eight inch waist and a navels which rivaled those of the models in the catalogue.
  • naves The naves of the church were decorated with intricate stained glass windows.
  • Navies The navies of the world are constantly searching for new ships.
  • navvy
  • navy The navy ship sailed into the harbor at dawn.
  • Nays The nays had it, and the motion did not pass.
  • nevis The inhabitants of Nevis speak a unique dialect of the West African language of Wolof.
  • nevus The dermatologist spotted a nevus on the patient's back during their annual skin exam.
  • Novas "Scientists discovered a group of novas, or exploding stars, in the distant galaxy.

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