Correct spelling for NEAIR

We think the word neair is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for neair

  • Ne'er
  • Through this wilderness of woe even the hunter in pursuit of his prey ne'er placed a foot on its trackless wild walks green, since for ages it has been shunned alike by man and brute.

  • Fear
  • "why, what do you fear, my child?

  • Nair
  • The better man- a novel by anita nair".

  • Bear
  • I can't bear it any longer."

  • Neap
  • Tides, 216 cause of, 216 spring and neap, 219

  • Sear
  • Neath
  • "blest be the hour, gentle lord and knight, you harboured 'neath our roof; and we, how happy to have you for guest!"

  • Nearer
  • He came nearer at his worst to petronius than at his best to alcibiades.

    Coming down, getting clearer now Coming round, getting nearer now

    – Lost & Sound by 2 Skinnee J's
  • Nae
  • Ye belang half a mile faurer up, my lad; ye'll bite aff nae mair o' my heuks.

  • Nears
  • As one nears the village there is some friendly rivalry between horses, there is the pleasure of "catching up" with neighbors' teams, or of being caught up with, and at the church door there is the business of alighting and hitching the horses, and then, if it is early, waiting about outside for the "last bell" before going in.

  • Lear
  • Lear: she cannot sleep for ever.

  • Rear
  • Neater
  • Since his visit to warmouth, charlie had been much more particular respecting his personal appearance, dressed neater, and was much more careful of his clothes.

  • Fair
  • The world was fair, very fair, here at bhulwana.

  • Air
  • "or is it something in the air?

  • Nay
  • "nay, sahib; i knew nothing of it!

    That form was nought but breathing clay, By Allah! I would answer nay;

    – Giaour, The by george gordon, lord byron
  • Year
  • Neh
  • Ahmadabad (persian: احمداباد‎, also romanized as aḩmadābād; also known as amīnābād) is a village in neh rural district, in the central district of nehbandan county, south khorasan province, iran.

  • Ni
  • Tear
  • Na
  • "it needs na a warlock to tell that!

    Love is... taisetsu na Message...Kimi wo mamori tai, So Love is...toki ni wa Love is...kizu tsukete mo

    – Love Is Messege by W-Inds
  • Nail
  • 131. buttons and nail heads.

    Teach us how to drive the nail And questions build our cross Since we only speak in Braille We all repent at our own cost

    – Answers by Aeon Now
  • Neil
  • "why, all london is ringing with it," said captain neil.

  • Near
  • He has not come near me once!

    Have no fear, the time is near, This boy is busting out of here.

    – Clean The Kit by Unknown Author
  • Nor
  • Nah
  • Azetagago, nah. apparently a corrupt form from acicacaqui, to understand.

  • Hair
  • I must look at you again; you know i want to see your eyes, and smile, and pretty hair once more.

  • Neat
  • Their arrows were often works of art, very fine and neat patterns being burnt on the bamboo shafts.

    He used to think that it was neat When he hung out on the street

    – Come Out To Play by UB 40
  • Nadir
  • It was one of the most audacious exhibitions of wealth and recklessness ever made, but the stone remained there in the open air, guarded only by the ordinary custodian of the tomb, from 1668 to 1739, when nadir, shah of persia, invaded india, captured delhi, sacked the palaces of the moguls, and carried back to his own country more than $300,000,000 worth of their treasures.

  • Wear
  • Heir
  • The man i am going to marry is your cousin and heir, horace spotswood."

  • Naif
  • Chea sim, acting head of state of cambodia from 1993 to 1994, and again from 1994 to 1995, and twice in 2004 nhek bun chhay, acting head of state of cambodia in 2004 denmark johann friedrich struensee, de facto regent for king christian vii, 1770-1772 hereditary prince frederick (along with, effectively, his mother, queen juliana maria), for his half-brother (and her step-son) king christian vii, 1772-1784, crown prince frederick for his father, king christian vii, 1784-1808 japan regent empress dowager jingū for her son, the future emperor ōjin prince regent shōtoku for his aunt, empress suiko fujiwara regents as sesshō or kampaku prince regent hirohito for his father, emperor taishō, from 1921 to 1926 jordan prince naif bin al-abdullah from the 20 july to 5 september 1951, due to the schizophrenia of king talal, who was in a swiss mental hospital.

  • Nih
  • Nevi
  • New
  • Pear
  • Weir
  • Neal
  • Mr. neal, who has a third kind of faith, and is, i understand, not loyal to any king, will, no doubt, drink it.

  • Lair
  • In summer she had a drawing-room, as it may be called, of nature's own creation, in which she lived, and in one quarter of which she had her lair.

  • Ear
  • Scotty put his lips close to rick's ear.

  • Nee
  • No member of it had condescended as yet to enter the house of a parvenu, whose equivocal antecedents still shut him out from the highest circles of society; but the invitations bearing the name of eugenie berkow, nee baroness windeg, had been universally accepted.

  • Neigh
  • Awake, therefore, and stand up, that i may reason with thee for the last time touching the faith of our mighty fathers, the consolations of philosophy, and the splendor and power of earthly wisdom-of death and judgment-while thou art on thy way to the grave in the fulness of thy strength and majesty; and not with the clangor of trumpets, the neigh of steeds, the flow of drapery, and the uproar of battle!

  • Gear
  • The life-saving gear had meanwhile been carried to the spot whence the boat was started; and there was hope yet that a connection might be made between the vessel and the rocks.

  • Hear
  • I thought you were never going to hear me!

  • Meir
  • Meir put the child down in the dark passage, and he himself entered the sitting-room, where, by the light of the lamp, he saw the whole family assembled.

  • Newer
  • Noah
  • Dear
  • Well, my dear; what is it?

  • Never
  • Why, to think i never knew you!

  • Pair
  • Ne
  • Je ne puffs me passer de cet homme!

    Rimango a guardare qui mentre te ne vai E vai e vai e vai

    – Vai E Vai E Vai by mina

28 words made from the letters neair

3 letter words made from neair:

air, ane, ani, ear, ern, ain, ire, era, are, rna, ira.

4 letter words made from neair:

5 letter words made from neair:

areni, renai, arine, erian, irena, anier.