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How to spell NEARLEY correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "nearley" instead of "nearly", fear not! Common auto-correct options include "nearly", "nearer" or "nearby". These choices accurately reflect your intended meaning and, with just a small adjustment, your text will convey the correct message. Double-checking spelling is always wise, even with vigilant auto-correct.

List of suggestions on how to spell nearley correctly

  • barley Barley is a versatile grain used in soups, stews, and breads.
  • Charley Charley is my favorite nickname.
  • dearly
  • Earle Earle is Bert's best friend and a jack of all trades.
  • early
  • Farley
  • Harley I always loved Harley Davidson bikes when I was a little kid.
  • marley The dog followed its marley master into the night.
  • nearby I can hear the waterfall nearby.
  • nearer The grocery store is nearer than the mall, so let's go there first.
  • nearly I have nearly completed my homework.
  • neatly The desk was neatly stacked with paper.
  • parley The treaty was signed in a parley.
  • pearly The pearly sheen on the seashell was so elegant.
  • yearly She takes out a yearly subscription to the magazine.

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