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How to spell NEERING correctly?

If you've misspelled "neering", fear not! Here are some possible correct alternatives: "engineering" refers to scientific and mathematical problem-solving; "nearing" means approaching something; "neering" itself might be "pyt" or "yearning" with a typo. Remember to proofread and consult a dictionary to ensure accurate spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell neering correctly

  • bearing She walked with a strong bearing, showing confidence and poise.
  • behring
  • bering The Bering Strait is a narrow passage separating Russia and Alaska.
  • cheering
  • erring Despite her best intentions, she keeps erring in her calculations.
  • Fearing Fearing for her safety, she quickly called the police.
  • gearing The company is gearing up for a major expansion next year.
  • goering She sued Goering for breach of contract.
  • hearing My hearing has significantly worsened since I was a child.
  • herring The herring shopped in the fish market for fresh seafood.
  • jeering I was jeering at the bald guy when he fell down.
  • kneeing He ended up kneeing me in the stomach during the soccer game.
  • kneeling I saw a man kneeling in front of the altar at the church.
  • leering The man at the bar was leering at the young waitress, making her uncomfortable.
  • Nearing The nurse was nearing the end of her shift.
  • necking The couple was caught necking in the movie theater.
  • Needing I am needing a new phone because mine is broken.
  • Nerving The thought of giving a public speech was nerving for him.
  • netting The fishermen sorted their catch, separating the fish from the netting.
  • neutering My veterinarian strongly recommends neutering my male dog to prevent future reproductive health issues.
  • Peering I was looking through the window, peering through the SHATTERED glass.
  • queering Queering refers to the process of challenging traditional heteronormative concepts of gender and sexual identity.
  • rearing The horse was rearing and screaming.
  • Searing The searing pain in my ankle made it difficult to walk.
  • Sheering A Sheering is a common type of death sentence in the United Kingdom.
  • sneering She was sneering at me because she thought I wasn't doing the work properly.
  • tearing I was tearing up my hair out of frustration.
  • unerring The unerring accuracy of his aim puzzled her.
  • veering
  • veneering The table was made from solid wood, but had a thin layer of veneering over the top to give it a more polished look.
  • wearing

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