Correct spelling for NEGIOATE

We think the word negioate is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for negioate

  • gate Those two who were on the watch outside the garden gate, certainly expected you to pass.
  • goat If you were a goat, you did not get there at all, which might have been preferable, except for the fact that being a goat doomed you to burn in everlasting fire.
  • goatee The Colonel passed his arm around his daughter, and pulled his goatee thoughtfully.
  • legate There was nothing unusual in a sick man being brought into the Serapeum for treatment, and the calm, undoubting superiority of Gorgo's tone as well as the high rank of the men whose protection she appealed to, commanded the centurion's respectful consideration; however, his orders were to send every one out of the temple who was not a Roman soldier, so he begged her to wait a few minutes, and soon returned with the legate Volcatius, the captain of his legion.
  • ligate
  • navigate
  • nectar
  • negate
  • negative
  • negotiate
  • neonate
  • notate
  • nougat
  • nugget
  • Gite LIV When Phoebus rose he left his golden weed, And donned a gite in deepest purple dyed, His sanguine beams about his forehead spread, A sad presage of ill that should betide, With vermeil drops at even his tresses bleed, Foreshows of future heat, from the ocean wide When next he rose, and thus increased still Their present harms with dread of future ill,
  • Neighed
  • negated
  • negates
  • neater

290 words made from the letters negioate

5 letter words made from negioate:

teneo, natio, tiang, etage, egton, genea, angei, nieto, enate, ngaio, niete, tinag, gante, naito, gotee, atone, getin, tinga, getae, taeng, tange, giant, aegon, togni, eigon, egion, entia, gotan, agito, ating, negai, neato, intoe, genoa, eaten, eigen, oaten, negot, tenia, otegi, tango, ngati, eatin, gieen, giano, neeti, tingo, gonia, ainge, igene, nogat, tagen, ieong, nogai, otani, agene, oeiag, tenga, niota, agent, atoni, gaint, tengo, noite, atong, atene, onate, goten, tegea, tinea, egnot, onega, eagon, anigo, etian, ignat, ganoe, teong, togan, tieon, aiton, ianto, itoen, tiano, tonga, einat, goian, teano, teian, tiong, teign, geton, ingot, gaite, tioga, toine, agone, ngota, gente, taing, tangi, tengi, toein, tigon, tieng, angio, tiene, aneto, ation, neige, geant, toing, tenge, genet, tinge, etang, ainee.

4 letter words made from negioate:

gato, toga, gain, tone, etna, eang, goat, gaio, ngoi, anti, nega, igoe, nget, gene, gone, taon, tiao, tang, nito, nego, ogie, gona, ting, oeta, egoi, taei, oena, gion, oate, gaon, inge, iota, gean, gait, aeon, egna, ante, gent, teen, gate, iong, iago, ogan, igon, toea, goit, nige, egin, agni, note, ento, egen, eega, ngae, iten, inoa, engi, iton, togi, taig, toge, itno, tion, ogea, ngee, gati, onge, goan, taee, gien, oita, igno, eteo, tean, ogin, anio, agio, tine, nagi, agno, gaen, eien, nato, neat, eeto, ogae, toei, tian, inga, geta, geto, goti, gnat, eoan.

3 letter words made from negioate:

get, ant, tee, tao, ion, oat, nee, ago, age, ego, nog, nit, ane, ten, ate, net, neo, ent, tog, tia, tin, eat, gee, nig, tie, ain, gen, tai, gin, eon, toe, ani, ige, not, iga, ene, goa, teg, nag, tan, gat, one, tag, eta, eeg, ton, tea.

6 letter words made from negioate:

geoint, agonie, neagoe, gionta, enoate, ingeae, goatee, agnete, tegone, gitano, geneti, antigo, genito, ignota, ginete, teniae, tagine, goetia, ionate, geneat, negoti, teaing, taeing, gatien, taione, eetion, eating, negate, nogait, tangie, agente.

7 letter words made from negioate:

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