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How to spell NEUCE correctly?

The misspelling "neuce" could possibly be corrected to "nuance", "niece", "neuse" or "neuroscience", depending on the intended meaning and context of the word. It's important to consider the context before selecting the correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell neuce correctly

  • deice
  • deuce The tennis match was tied at 40-all, also known as deuce.
  • fence The neighbor built a fence to keep his dog from running into our yard.
  • hence I forgot my keys at home, hence I cannot drive to work.
  • luce
  • meuse The Meuse River is a major waterway in Western Europe.
  • neck The pain in my neck is making it hard to concentrate.
  • nee Mary Johnson nee Smith married John Johnson in 2005.
  • nerve I can feel my nerve endings tingling after a cold shower.
  • NEUT After breakfast, Neut decided to take a walk to clear his head.
  • neuter
  • nice
  • niece My niece is coming to visit from out of town.
  • nonce A nonce is a number used only once in a session of a cryptographic algorithm.
  • nuke The government threatened to nuke the enemy's capital if they did not surrender.
  • peace
  • Pence I think Pence is a great pick for VP.
  • puce A blush-rose called " Puce" was among the flowers in the vase.
  • reuse I always try to reuse materials whenever I can.
  • sauce I always ask for extra sauce with my chicken wings.

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