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How to spell NEWED correctly?

The correct spelling for "newed" would be "renewed". This word denotes the act of revitalizing or restoring something, such as a subscription or a commitment. So, if you mistakenly used "newed", consider replacing it with "renewed" to convey the appropriate meaning.

List of suggestions on how to spell newed correctly

  • awed
  • Chewed He chewed his food slowly to savor the flavor.
  • Gnawed The rodent gnawed through the wires, causing a power outage.
  • hewed The carpenter hewed the wooden beam with his axe.
  • Kneed He kneed the soccer ball into the goal.
  • meowed The cat sat in the sunbeam and meowed contentedly.
  • Mewed The cat mewed loudly for its breakfast.
  • Neared As we neared the end of the hike, our legs grew tired and our spirits lifted.
  • necked The couple sat on the beach, necked under the moonlight.
  • Ned I can't believe Ned left our party so abruptly.
  • need I need to finish my homework before I can go out and play with my friends.
  • needed
  • needy There are many charities that do great work with needy families.
  • nerd The nerd spent all night reading books in the library.
  • nereid I spotted a beautiful nereid swimming in the ocean.
  • Nerved She had a quick mind and nerved for the test.
  • netted I am nervous about being alone in the room with him, what if he posts something on the netted Facebook page I am
  • newel He mounted the newel post and continued up the stairs.
  • NEWER I prefer newer books to older ones.
  • newest The newest restaurant in town is definitely worth a try.
  • newt I saw a newt swimming in the pond yesterday.
  • owed He owed his bank more than $10,000 in loan repayment.
  • renewed The company has renewed its lease on the space.
  • sewed I sewed up the shirt with a neat YKK zipper.
  • shewed He shewed me the way to the bus stop.
  • Snowed I was snowed in for the weekend.
  • SWED She wanted to buy a Volvo but the salesman said the SWED model wasn't available.
  • unwed She is an unwed mother with two young children.
  • Viewed The picture was viewed by millions of people on social media.
  • wed The couple decided to wed in a small ceremony with only close family and friends.
  • weed

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