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How to spell NEWST correctly?

If you accidentally typed "newst" instead of "news", here are some suitable suggestions to correct it. You may consider replacing it with "news", "newest" or "newsworthy" depending on the context. Remember to proofread and double-check your spelling to ensure accuracy in your writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell newst correctly

  • est Mon pere est un homme tres occupe.
  • neat
  • nest The bird built her nest in the tree.
  • net The fisherman caught a trout in his net.
  • nets The fishermen laid out their nets on the dock.
  • NEUT
  • newest The newest addition to the team is proving to be a valuable asset.
  • news
  • newsy The documentary was informative and newsy, with in-depth reporting on current events.
  • newt Perched atop a mossy rock, a newt watched the sun set.
  • Newts The pond was home to a variety of wildlife, including frogs, newts, and snails.
  • next I'll see you next Thursday.
  • Nowt "I've got nowt to do today, so I'm just going to relax and read a book.
  • NWT The NWT is a stunningly beautiful territory.
  • west She moved to the west coast for a new job.

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