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How to spell NIETEN correctly?

Possible correct suggestions for the misspelling "nieten" could be "nieten" (with correct spelling), "nieten" (a different language variant) or "neiten" (with only one "n"). It would be best to check context and intended meaning for clarification.

List of suggestions on how to spell nieten correctly

  • bitten The dog was aggressive and had bitten several people in the past.
  • dieted She dieted for months, but eventually gave up due to lack of progress.
  • dieter The dieter strictly avoids all fast food and sugary drinks.
  • kitten The kitten slept soundly in its cozy bed.
  • listen If you really listen to what they're saying, you'll see that they have some valid points.
  • mitten I lost one of my mittens last winter and my hand was freezing cold all day.
  • neaten My mom would always watch me neaten up my bedsheet when I was a child.
  • niece I love playing with my niece during family gatherings.
  • nieces During family gatherings, I always enjoy playing with my nieces and hearing about their latest adventures.
  • Nielsen Nielsen ratings are used to determine the popularity and success of television programming.
  • Nieves Nieves loves to spend her free time reading books and watching movies.
  • nineteen I turned nineteen last November.
  • niter "The cave walls were sparkling with niter deposits."
  • Nitin Nitin is a software engineer at Google.
  • Pieter Pieter painted a beautiful landscape of the mountains.
  • quieten Can you please try to quieten the children for a moment?
  • Siegen Siegen is a city in the southeast corner of the state of North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany.

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