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How to spell NIETHER correctly?

If you're often confused whether to use "neither" or "niether", here's a helpful tip. The correct spelling is "neither". Alternatives to consider if "niether" is mistakenly used include "nor" or "none". Double-check spellings to ensure clarity in your writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell niether correctly

  • dither
  • either Could you either help me pick up my books or watch TV with me?
  • ether The chemist analyzed the composition of the new compound and found it contained an ether.
  • hither Come hither and take a look at this magnificent view!
  • Lither Addicted to laundry and cleaning, Lither enjoys a tidy home.
  • neither
  • nether The nether regions of the underworld were said to be filled with fire and brimstone.
  • netter Markus Netter is a better teacher than his predecessor.
  • nigher
  • niter The object is made of niter, a natural semifluid used in ancient times as an incendiary and in the dye industry
  • norther The norther blew in cold air from the Arctic.
  • tether
  • tither I tither give to charity every month.
  • Whether Whether we like it or not, we have to face the fact that we're going to have to start wearing a helmet while
  • wither The flowers began to wither as the hot sun beat down on them.
  • zither In Central Europe, the zither is a common instrument used in folk music.

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