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How to spell NNIGHT correctly?

If you've mistakenly typed "nnight" instead of "night", here are some possible spellings that will help you hit the mark. Instead of using double "n", simply replace it with a single "n". This correction will ensure your word appears correctly and is easily understood.

List of suggestions on how to spell nnight correctly

  • bight The bay has a narrow, deep bight.
  • eight I have an eight-hour shift at work today.
  • fight I don't believe in solving conflicts with a fight.
  • height
  • knight
  • Knights The knights rode towards the castle, ready to defend it from any attack.
  • light I need to turn on the light to see what I'm doing.
  • might I might go to the store later to buy some milk.
  • naught Naught but dirt and cobwebs awaited us in the hole.
  • neigh The sound of a horse's neigh could be heard from a distance.
  • neighs The horse neighs loudly every morning when it's time for breakfast.
  • nigh The end of the semester is nigh, and I have so many assignments due.
  • night I love to go for a walk at night when the streets are quiet.
  • nights I love spending nights watching movies with my friends.
  • nought He achieved nought with his lazy behavior.
  • right You're going to do it right this time.
  • sight
  • tight He tied the rope so tight that it was difficult to undo.
  • tonight I'm going to meet my friends tonight at the bar.
  • weight She lifted the weight effortlessly with her strong muscles.
  • wight The wight was terrifying.
  • wright This old-timer is a weaver, not a wright.

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