How to spell NOFIY correctly?

We think the word nofiy is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

List of suggestions on how to spell nofiy correctly

  • coif The only bright thing about her was her hair, and that curled out of the white coif she wore, golden as ripe corn.
  • fey Eh, sic a soon'! Birdie, come doon- Ye're fey to sing sic a merry tune, (death-doomed) Gowkit laverock! (silly)
  • fin Fin, exhausted with fighting, dropped down and fell asleep.
  • fir The fir-tree lights up brighter tips to its boughs, as children do with tapers at Christmastide.
  • naif She's a naif who believes in fairytales.
  • navy The navy was able to rescue all of the people who were in the boat.
  • nay
  • nervy She was feeling a bit nervy because her date had not turned up.
  • ni Everyone in the room was silent as the ni-ni moved around the room.
  • niff I can't believe you would do that. It was so niffy!
  • niffy
  • nifty
  • noisy This room is quite noisy.
  • nooky
  • nosy
  • notify I need to notify my boss of the change.
  • nov
  • nova Shortly after the explosive launch of her new album, " Nova" skyrocketed to the top of the charts.
  • now
  • ny I never realized how much I nyapped in the morning until I stopped.
  • sofia I am so excited to see Sofia tonight!
  • unify We must unify our forces to defeat him.
  • Fay It seemed the Tancreds' plans were uncertain; perhaps it might be better for Fay and the children to come home in spring instead of Jan going out to them.
  • Fie She saw the Prince and she said: Fie, fie!
  • Fy Fy, I'm starving!
  • Noddy Noddy is a friendly toy rabbit who likes making people laugh.
  • Nor His car was older but Nor did he care.
  • Noway
  • Of I have a ticket to the opera of "The Three Musketeers".
  • Novae The Novae phenomena are puzzling cosmic events that have yet to be fully explained.
  • NSF The National Science Foundation is an American non-profit research institution.
  • NIH
  • Noe No one ever told him what to do.
  • Nevi The Nevi are an ancient nation of snake-worshiping desert-dwellers.
  • NF My nephew factor NF.
  • NFL
  • NFC
  • NOKIA My Nokia phone is broken.
  • FWY
  • Naff I didn't fancy your outfit, it's naff.

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