Correct spelling for NOMINTES

We think the word nomintes is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for nomintes

  • nominate The united sections of Painting, Sculpture, and Architecture nominate the pupils who are to visit Rome, and reside there in the national palace, at the expense of the Republic, in order to study the Fine Arts.
  • nominated Still, I should say that, in writing to state that you have nominated him, it would be better to send a medical certificate, and certainly it ought to be mentioned that he is of the right age."
  • nominees After she and the other nominees had stood in a blushing row on the platform to be inspected by their class, the voting began.
  • dominates The greatest of all proofs of the strength of his individuality is that it so entirely dominates the vast store of learning and association with which his poetry is loaded.
  • nominates National Republican party, the origin, 104; circumstance of appearance, 146; party nomenclature, 162, 163; insists on taking the Bank as a campaign issue, 200, 201; nominates Clay for presidency, 201; feeling toward Jackson, 202; its defeat in 1832, 202; basis of party action, 278, 279; known as Whig party, 281, 282. See Whig Party
  • nominators

272 words made from the letters nomintes

5 letter words made from nomintes:

emosi, moine, inose, stoen, intoe, etsin, imeon, tinos, noise, itoen, nonis, miens, niton, tonen, meson, toine, ismet, monie, stonn, inset, nismo, tomei, mieno, moten, istoe, tomes, meoni, sinno, tenos, sient, tsion, omens, smite, nones, minns, tones, stone, misto, meins, minos, eosin, motie, seton, sinoe, metis, menti, niten, minto, tnsmi, nemns, sitoe, onemi, semon, ineos, tosin, noemi, osite, sonne, mento, tonis, eison, menon, somen, nimet, setin, monti, sonin, moest, moits, sonti, etons, temin, items, enson, tines, monte, mosin, seoni, notin, tieon, tenno, inmet, sinne, simon, nimos, sinon, isnot, senio, timeo, tonin, tenso, tiens, onnes, menin, seito, notes, semin, mints, noten, monis, mesin, monet, meton, tenis, neots, omits, senin, stenn, menno, mesto, tenon, senti, isone, tonne, senni, onsen, ennio, tenom, ninos, inmos, noite, nison, inson, mosen, nimes, tions, tomis, nimon, toein, oints, nieto, entsi, imson, onset, emits, moist, somei, mineo, metin, omnis, omnes, nomes, tsien, einon, moins, times, sitno, entin, senoi, stein, tsine, onnie.

4 letter words made from nomintes:

mint, nein, meio, itno, sent, meno, mist, tnsm, omen, ties, sine, note, nito, most, nets, semi, enim, mien, mite, none, emin, neon, mote, ento, nome, sone, temi, eons, site, otim, smin, tome, mons, omne, item, onen, sein, otis, monn, inns, itmo, stem, omni, snot, nine, mein, mine, toei, sion, tone, smen, onni, emit, nest, inme, snit, meon, meso, teso, inst, osen, etim, tine, noen, moen, metn, sinn, time, some, seoi, iten, tsen, nits, onne, iton, nose, tons, tion, omit.

3 letter words made from nomintes:

mis, imo, toe, net, mit, ent, not, ten, nit, neo, mst, min, tie, ism, eos, one, nim, men, tin, eon, ton, tom, sin, set, iso, son, nne, sot, sen, esm, stm, som, est, ion, inn, mes, ies, mei, sit, mon, mot.

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