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How to spell NOTHER correctly?

If you find yourself misspelling "nother", consider using "another" instead. Another is the correct word to use when referring to a second or additional item or thing. Remember to proofread your writing and use a dictionary or spell check to avoid mistakes.

List of suggestions on how to spell nother correctly

  • another I might watch another movie tonight.
  • anther The anther is the organ that releases pollen.
  • bother I really don't want to bother getting up.
  • mother She called her mother to tell her the good news.
  • neither Neither of us is as good at math as we thought.
  • nether
  • norther The norther blew in and brought colder temperatures to the area.
  • northern The northern part of the country experiences colder temperatures during the winter.
  • northers The northers are going to hit us hard this week.
  • nosher I've never heard anyone use the word nosher before.
  • note I left a note for my sister in my bedroom.
  • other I have other pressing matters to attend to.
  • pother I don't want to cause a pother by arriving late to the meeting.

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