Correct spelling for NOTIY

We think the word notiy is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for notiy

  • Not(Definition of not)
  • Oh, of course not!

  • Nod(Definition of nod)
  • "i must go to dinner," he announced, withdrawing, with a slight nod, across the street.

  • Noted(Definition of noted)
  • It must also be noted that the cardinal's patronage kept other lovers from the house.

  • Nut(Definition of nut)
  • So the betel-nut grew on his knee.

  • Snotty(Definition of snotty)
  • It is an oilskinned and dripping seaman, and the officer of the watch, or his so-called snotty, as the case may be, wakes sufficiently to ask:

  • Nwt
  • Under contract for the nwt government, buffalo airways operate and maintain aircraft used in the aerial firefighting program.

  • Noddy(Definition of Noddy)
  • "that's the fellow!" exclaimed the other constable, pointing to noddy, who was trying to take himself off without being noticed.

  • Natty(Definition of natty)
  • "she's be'n gatherin' yarbs in the wood, an' th' sun is warm," she blinked at it rapidly, "an' the winter it is pas', marse natty, no mo' winter!"

  • Note(Definition of note)
  • Mr. blakely returned, a note of gayety beginning to sound in his voice.

  • Net(Definition of net)
  • Gratton, struggling already in the meshes of the net drawing ever tighter about him, pointed to gloria with shaking finger.

  • Nosy
  • We start getting too nosy and we could end up on the wrong end of one of those uzis.

  • Notes
  • Paris, 1652. notes, p.

  • Nutty(Definition of nutty)
  • He is very proud of his austerity, for he has somehow discovered that he has hit on a country where it is the nutty thing only to have one wife.

  • Nowt
  • Of course, i knew nowt about there being anyone theer, so i just goes straight up and opens the door, to see what was the matter, like, and, lor, i did 'ave a skeer, and no mistake!

  • Nt(Definition of nt)
  • The second is a shortened form of the old high german and middle high german, -nt, a termination expressive, 1, of removal in space; 2, of removal in time; old high german, enont, ennont; middle high german, enentlig, jenunt = beyond.

  • Noting(Definition of Noting)
  • He held in his hands a book and pencil; and as the canoe glided onward, he was noting down his memoranda.

  • Nato
  • Australia group, ba, bis, cbss, ce, eapc, ebrd, eib, eu, fao, iaea, ibrd, icao, icct, icrm, ida, ifc, ifrcs, iho, ilo, imf, imo, imso, interpol, ioc, iom, ipu, iso (correspondent), itu, ituc, miga, nato, nib, nsg, oas (observer), oif (observer), opcw, osce, pca, schengen convention, un, unctad, unesco, unwto, upu, wco, who, wipo, wmo, wto

  • Nate
  • And don't you remember that time the 'lection run so clost they got up old bed-ridden nate haskins, whose brain had been softenin' for years, and his wife had to dress him and git him ready for the pole, he callin' on his wife, nancy, to put on every identical garment and tell where it went, and when they got him to the pole he wouldn't vote because nance wuzn't there to tell him which ticket to vote.

  • Nita
  • If you'd asked me awhile back, when i asked you about nita, and my little girl, and you told me they were good and happy, and crazy to have me back, as i said, i'd have cried like a kid.

  • Notify(Definition of notify)
  • When he had been in the hospital ten hours it occurred to him to notify his family.

  • Nit(Definition of nit)
  • Vnder tha fruchta fon min land sind felo slachta mank, ther ik hyr nit fvnden hav. vnder allerleja keren is er ak golden mank, ak goldgele aple, hwerfon welke sa swet as huning sind, and welka sa wrang as ek. by vs werthat nochta fonden lik bern-haveda sa grat, ther sit tsys and melok in, werthat se ald sa makt man ther olja fon, fon tha bastum makt man taw and fon tha kernum makt man chelka and or gerad.

  • Notice(Definition of notice)
  • And now at fifteen minutes' notice!

  • Nat(Definition of Nat)
  • O noble rome thou gat nat thy honours nor general empyre by suche counsellours.

  • Noisy(Definition of noisy)
  • Thereafter they rode down a long slope and into a long, narrow, twisting ravine, rocky cliffs on one hand and a noisy stream on the other, a fair trail underfoot.

  • Knot(Definition of knot)
  • Joe came and sat by me, and, as we talked over our adventure, he cut that true lover's knot between the letters.

  • Node(Definition of node)
  • Hastening to the scene of the ascension, he found node in anything but an amiable mood.

  • Notary(Definition of notary)
  • Going to a notary i caused him to prepare a deed which i translated into english.

  • Knotty(Definition of knotty)
  • They had been hired, some at five shillings, some at ten, and the leader, mrs duncan, at twenty shillings, and came prepared with their aprons full of stones and other missiles, and mrs duncan had in addition a large knotty stick.

  • Nettie
  • "oh, but you can sleep upstairs," returned nettie.

17 words made from the letters notiy

4 letter words made from notiy:

yino, tiny, inyo, tion, nito, tyin, itno, yont, iton, toyi.

3 letter words made from notiy:

nit, not, ion, ton, toy, tin, yon.