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How to spell NOTTE correctly?

If you meant to type "notte" but misspelled it, here are some possible correct suggestions. "Note" signifies written or recorded information. "Notte" is Italian for "night". Other options might include "noted" (acknowledged or recorded), "nette" (referring to something neat) or "noble" (characterized by high moral qualities).

List of suggestions on how to spell notte correctly

  • knotted The rope was knotted tightly to secure the boat.
  • knotty The knotty problem required several hours of brainstorming to solve.
  • Nate Nate was thrilled to receive the promotion he had been working towards for months.
  • natter
  • natty She was wearing a natty dress.
  • netted The river was wide and deep, but the netted banks made it look shallow.
  • netter
  • Nettie Nettie loves her porch swing.
  • nettle She had a nettle rash from where he had touched her.
  • node Node is the root of a tree.
  • Noe Noe is the name of a character in the Bible who built an ark to save himself, his family, and the animals from the great flood.
  • not
  • notate I need to notate the key changes in this music score.
  • note
  • noted He noted the location of the hidden treasure on the map.
  • notes I have some notes to take for my math test.
  • notice Please give me your notice by 5pm.
  • Nowt Nowt you can do about it.
  • Nutted She was so nutted, she couldn't stand up.
  • nutter There's no need for alarm - just another nutter in the neighborhood.
  • nutty The peanut butter tasted nutty and rich.
  • otter The otter swam gracefully through the clear river water.
  • snotty After the argument, the boss became so snotty that no employee dared to approach him.
  • tote I have a small tote bag with me.

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