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How to spell NOVIES correctly?

If you meant to type "movies" but mistakenly typed "novies", here are some possible suggestions to correct your misspelling. Triple-check your typing to avoid such mistakes in the future. You can also use a spell-checking tool or dictionary for assistance. Remember, practice makes perfect!

List of suggestions on how to spell novies correctly

  • Envies She envies her neighbor's beautiful garden.
  • MOVIES I love watching movies on Friday nights.
  • naves The naves of the cathedral are filled with beautiful stained glass windows.
  • Navies The navies of various nations participate in joint military exercises to demonstrate their capabilities.
  • nevis The old sailing ship " Nevis" is now the headquarters of the Nevis Historical Society.
  • Noes The noes had it and the motion was defeated in the parliamentary vote.
  • noises The loud noises coming from the construction site woke me up early.
  • Novae My children were excited to see the Novae in the night sky.
  • Novas I went to the Novas festival.
  • novels I love reading novels because they transport me to different worlds and introduce me to new characters.
  • novice As a novice to cooking, I followed the recipe carefully.
  • novices The experienced workers were tasked with training the novices.

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