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How to spell NTOES correctly?

If you've accidentally typed "ntoes" instead of "notes", fear not! Auto-correct and our spell-check do sometimes fail us. Simply replace the incorrect spelling with the right one, "notes". It's a minor slip-up, but correcting it ensures clear communication.

List of suggestions on how to spell ntoes correctly

  • Antes
  • Does Whose new car does she drive?
  • NODES The network of computers relies on nodes to communicate with each other.
  • nods Nods are a simple but effective way to show your agreement.
  • Noes
  • NOS
  • Noses I can smell the flowers with both of my noses.
  • notes Anderson took notes during the meeting.
  • nous
  • noyes Noyes was a farmer who grew an experimental variety of corn.
  • nudes It is not appropriate to share nudes without the consent of the person in the photos.
  • TEES I need to grab a few tees for my golf game tomorrow.
  • ties
  • TOES I love getting a pedicure to freshen up my toes for summer.
  • tones The tones in the painting were muted and subdued.
  • tons
  • TORS Todd was going to TORS on Saturday night.
  • toss
  • TOTES I can't go to the beach without my totes.
  • tows The truck tows the boat from the lake.
  • Toys It's time to put away your toys and start doing your homework.
  • tues
  • undoes When you press CTRL+Z, it undoes the last action you made on your computer.
  • unties

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