Correct spelling for NUEANCES

We think the word nueances is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for nueances

  • nantes No one ever knew what Cambremer paid at Nantes to get his son away from there.
  • nuance He has successfully combated the temptation of excess in colour, of the too lusty exuberance in the use of his material, of abuse of the purely decorative side of his art. Touching the finer rim of the issues of his day Joseffy emulates the French poet, Paul Verlaine, in his devotion to the nuance, to the shade within shade that may be expressed on the keyboard of the piano.
  • nuisance An invalid was to George merely a nuisance.
  • Nuncios In the autumn of 1517, he had a controversy with the reprobate Dominican; in the winter of 1520, he burnt the papal bull; in the spring of 1518, he still laid himself at the feet of the Pope as the vicegerent of Christ; but in the spring of 1521, he declared before the Emperor, princes, and papal nuncios at the Imperial Diet at Worms, that he did not trust either in the Pope or the councils alone, but only in the witness of the Holy Scripture and the convictions of his own reason.
  • lances At the first shock shields are pierced and lances shattered, girths are cut and stirrups broken, while the horses of those who fall to earth are left without a rider.
  • nieces Besides, a meeting between Barbara and his nephew and young nieces could scarcely have been avoided, and this would have cast a shadow upon the unbounded reverence and admiration paid him by the wholly inexperienced, childlike young archduchesses, which afforded him sincere pleasure.
  • dunces Pope, says Johnson, contemplated his victory over the dunces with great exultation.
  • ounces I chose a gilt tankard, weighing 31 ounces and a half, and he is allowed 30; so I paid 12s.
  • fences For has he not fine fences?
  • furnaces There are two furnaces and we have our own gas and electricity.
  • menaces At this Metellus grew the more insolent, and despising Cato, as if he yielded and were afraid, let himself proceed to the most audacious menaces, openly threatening to do whatever he pleased in spite of the senate.
  • nuisances We should be such nuisances to one another that we should ask the gods to take back their gift, and you know very well they cannot.
  • nuanced In philosophy, first principles are taught by Aristotelians, and nuanced versions of first principles are referred to as postulates by Kantians.
  • nuances He appreciated Mrs. Clarke, and thought her full of intelligence, of nuances, and tres fine.
  • dances On that stage she danced wild, long dances, varying with each performance.

117 words made from the letters nueances

3 letter words made from nueances:

ese, cns, nee, nun, sea, use, see, ans, nec, anu, ene, usa, sac, sue, nsu, sen, ane, uns, uca, nsc, can, nne, sec, eec, ace, cue, nan, aec, sun.

5 letter words made from nueances:

nause, ansec, seenu, sence, neues, canne, nease, acuse, ennea, ecusa, neuse, ences, sance, nunes, nesan, nance, ensue, neuen, seena, unsee, cense, ances, anees, necas, escue, seuna, annee, ansen, suena, unsan, cease, aunes, unces, senne, eanes, scene, unnec, canns, nanus, usnea, nunca, ceann, senna, senan, sueca, nenes, senen, nusen, acene, senec, anese, nauen, sauce, cause.

4 letter words made from nueances:

nece, cans, scen, sann, neus, cuan, anus, neue, esau, case, cene, usen, saun, esna, scun, nuns, suan, nuna, scee, nune, seen, suen, cane, acne, nenu, eeas, sene, cenn, ease, scan, nunc, saue, suea, sane.

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