Correct spelling for NURESING

We think the word nuresing is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for nuresing

  • bruising This falling on his head below the helmet, and bruising the vertebrae of the lower part of the neck, stunned and blinded him; his hands let go the reins, and sinking down from his horse, he fell just by the tomb of Licymnius.
  • caressing Her womanly nature did not shrink from caressing it with a touch of soothing hands.
  • dressing "They found her in her dressing-room.
  • nourishing The poor fellow had had every attention; the clergyman had exerted himself, and wine and nourishing luxuries had not been spared, nor the best of medical advice.
  • nursing The doctor permitted me to assist in the nursing-I ...
  • perusing The reader has probably alarmed himself by perusing the Beer-code, which we have given at the end of this volume.
  • phrasing Lady Caroline had sent him to the cottage to be stern, and his firm resolve to be stern lent his style of speech something of the measured solemnity and careful phrasing of his occasional orations in the House of Lords.
  • pressing "But you must also come and see Philip," returned Thelma, pressing her hand.
  • raising There are ways of raising money.
  • resign I was going to resign as soon as I returned from my holiday.
  • resin For the cure of piles, sit for five minutes on a chamber vessel containing live coals, with crisp dry Mullein leaves over them, and some finely powdered resin.
  • rinsing
  • rising
  • rosin
  • rousing
  • Arising 36. In turning from the smaller instruments in frequent use to the larger and more important machines, the economy arising from the increase of velocity becomes more striking.
  • Erasing
  • Greasing
  • Nearing
  • Noising
  • Nosing
  • Trussing
  • Creasing
  • Cruising
  • reusing

269 words made from the letters nuresing

4 letter words made from nuresing:

iure, genu, uige, suir, rein, ning, nine, suen, grus, reni, eriu, unie, irun, sugi, sine, urge, suin, ruin, gnrn, urie, grin, eris, rieu, geun, sing, user, ring, erni, ursg, nuer, nsui, iesu, guei, sire, urns, uner, ruge, runs, ings, nung, nein, rise, nenu, sung, inns, gurs, gnsr, grui, gris, gnus, innu, suer, guen, uren, grue, unge, rugi, segi, nige, gure, sure, snug, sein, engi, rune, rugs, gesu, sinn, gius, enur, rung, renu, guie, sieg, ugni, ruen, gens, usen, nuns, suge, gien, nune, egis, ries, guse, egin, ruse, inge, inus, egri, sign, uges, neus, rues, unni.

5 letter words made from nuresing:

isgur, gusen, greis, isneg, inner, sunni, ruine, niger, regni, unser, surge, segni, rinne, ursin, reins, gurin, guren, gunnr, erins, risen, using, srinu, resin, grein, ninus, gersi, nusen, seiun, egusi, inrun, ringe, runge, gines, renig, negri, grune, negru, grues, ergin, isner, unies, nigun, guier, ngern, irgun, giren, rings, ringu, ersin, ingen, genus, innus, reign, rugen, ergui, siner, segur, reing, siren, surgi, senni, nuner, gerin, singe, inure, ginsu, singu, genis, rieng, nguni, grine, rusin, inger, gurns, sugie, girsu, negus, ennui, regus, neuri, rinse, giers, suire, inuse, seing, nurse, senin, gunne, isger, grins, sengi, usine, girns, sigur, seung, sugen, niner, gusin, giner, runin, runes, useni, urnes, suren, genin, urens, urein, urges, gries, ugine, ering, rusie, surin, rensi, nunes, uring, ruins, gruis, sinne, ergun, negin, gruen, guise, sigue, sring, girus, rines, suger, renin, serin, urine, genri, guire, unger, sgeir, rungs, segui, gunns, suner.

3 letter words made from nuresing:

rue, ngu, gsr, uni, use, sin, uns, run, nig, nsu, gui, erg, rug, res, gin, nun, gur, ige, ern, gen, sir, ire, sen, ies, urn, sun, gun, inn, irs, rig, sue, esr, nne, sur, gnu.

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