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How to spell NURTING correctly?

If you are trying to spell "nurturing", you may have accidentally typed "nurting". To correct the mistake, try checking your spelling carefully and using spell check. Alternatively, you can look up the correct spelling in a dictionary or search engine. Remember to double-check any changes you make to ensure correct spelling.

List of suggestions on how to spell nurting correctly

  • bunting I hung red and white bunting along the fence for the Fourth of July bbq.
  • Butting The two rams were butting heads in a playful manner.
  • carting I am carting a load of groceries from the store to my car.
  • courting The young man was courting the girl by bringing her flowers and writing her love letters.
  • cutting She was cutting the fruit into small slices for the salad.
  • darting
  • farting
  • Girting The girting of the waistband made the skirt fit snugly around her hips.
  • Gutting The gutting of the fish was an unpleasant task for the inexperienced cook.
  • hunting I always enjoy hunting with my dad.
  • hurting My wrist is hurting after playing basketball for two hours.
  • jutting The treacherous cliff had a jutting edge that made it difficult to climb.
  • knurling The knurling on the handle provided a better grip in wet conditions.
  • Muting Muting the microphone during a virtual meeting can help eliminate background noise.
  • Nerving The constant nerving of her husband was causing her anxiety.
  • nesting I love nesting; it's one of my favorite things to do.
  • netting She had to tie the netting around the tree to keep the squirrels from climbing up.
  • Noting Noting the unusual weather patterns, the meteorologist predicted a potential storm.
  • Nudging She was gently nudging her child to eat his vegetables.
  • nuking Nuking is an effective way to rid a planet of its pests.
  • nursing I am a nursing assistant.
  • Nurturing My mother is a nurturing woman.
  • Nutting She wasn't nutting up in the face of danger, instead she remained calm and collected.
  • outing
  • parting Saying our parting words was bittersweet, as we both knew that it might be a while before we saw each other again.
  • Porting The process of porting a mobile app across different platforms can be time-consuming and complex.
  • punting We spent a delightful day punting on the river.
  • putting I am putting on my shoes before going for a walk.
  • Quoting Quoting from the speech, the senator emphasized the need for budget cuts.
  • Rutting During mating season, male deer engage in rutting behavior to attract a mate.
  • snorting The sound of his snorting woke me up from my slumber.
  • sorting She spent the whole day sorting through her collection of old photographs.
  • suiting The navy blue suit is definitely suiting you for this job interview.
  • turning The car was turning onto the highway.

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