Correct spelling for NUTERING

We think the word nutering is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for nutering

  • entering There was no door between the rooms, nor was there any window; the light entering through the wide opening into the outer room.
  • guttering The buildings blazed up like tissue paper lanterns used when the guttering candles touched their sides.
  • muttering Lionel had turned away, and was lying moaning and muttering to himself.
  • neutering (S7) A spey point blade (once used for neutering livestock) has a single, sharp, straight edge that curves strongly upwards at the end to meet a short, dull, straight point from the dull back.
  • neutrino First Barishs experiments were performed at Fermilab using high-energy neutrino collisions to reveal the quark substructure of the nucleon.
  • untiring On, on he walked, mile after mile, untiring, apparently unheeding, looking neither to right nor left.
  • uterine The girl belonged, moreover, to a family in which uterine disease was almost universal among the female members.
  • Buttering They had been there for some time, silently buttering rolls and sipping coffee, in a leisurely way on Mr. Haye's part, and an ungratified one on the part of his daughter.
  • Nurturing As a nurturing response of one person to another in need, it aims at the development of human potential, at well-being and more-being.
  • Nutting Everett ascribes it entire to "John Chalkhill;" and Nutting, more than twenty years before, had attached the name of "Chalkhill" to a part of it.
  • Uttering He started at my words, uttering, as he did so, a sailor's exclamation of surprise.
  • Puttering Jack held back until he heard the puttering of the Wireless exhaust; then he also started his engine, and the three boats moved slowly and majestically off, the Comfort looking, as Josh expressed it, like a wounded duck sustained by the wings of two companions.

244 words made from the letters nutering

4 letter words made from nutering:

nige, nute, treu, rute, rieu, ring, innu, egin, grit, reti, uner, irun, rein, renu, rite, rugi, trgu, ugni, gien, tire, rung, grue, nenu, guie, ruin, gunt, tern, engi, tuen, nine, iure, gnrn, trei, utri, grui, nung, etui, rune, nuer, unit, eriu, erni, tune, unge, ruge, ning, tuni, tegu, guen, runt, grut, ting, unie, reit, tuin, urie, uren, tuer, enur, tieu, utne, geun, trig, nuit, unni, tine, genu, iten, gent, inge, girt, uige, urge, gute, ruen, nget, egri, reni, tier, gure, unti, ture, tung, rent, nein, turn, guei, nune, grin, guti, true.

5 letter words made from nutering:

negru, gurin, ergun, gruen, nuter, nintu, entin, guter, neuri, gerti, runin, nigun, ertug, grine, ngern, ingen, terni, gunne, tueni, runge, tengi, retun, nitre, tenir, untin, inure, inter, rugen, guten, retin, niten, inrun, nguni, untre, turie, grune, uteri, uring, rinne, gutin, ringu, tigue, getin, trieu, nuner, renig, teign, niter, reing, grein, unger, niner, tugen, genin, guite, runet, tring, niger, guier, renin, regni, treni, gunnr, tinue, tuner, ennui, genri, guren, ering, urent, tinge, unten, tunng, giren, unite, negin, ringe, nutri, ergin, inert, griet, tenri, gerin, runte, unter, trung, tiner, ergui, urine, tiger, urein, nutin, tieng, turin, turei, tengu, untie, rieng, tunge, inner, ruine, guire, trine, ugine, irgun, reign, tngri, negri, gruet, giner, inger, grunt.

3 letter words made from nutering:

net, gin, uni, nut, ngu, ent, rue, tri, rig, nun, nne, ire, tug, gun, ern, rug, ret, ige, tun, erg, ute, urn, teg, rut, gur, tie, rit, tin, run, ert, tiu, ter, gen, gui, gnu, inn, get, gut, ten, nig, nit.

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