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How to spell NUVES correctly?

If you've accidentally typed "nuves" instead of "clouds", worry not! Auto-correction is here to help. It's likely that your intended word was "nubes", the Spanish term for clouds or "nerves". Proofread and select the appropriate word, ensuring your message makes perfect sense.

List of suggestions on how to spell nuves correctly

  • curves She always liked to curl up in the curves of his body.
  • EVES Eves wears the latest fashion trends.
  • GUVS
  • ives "As a famous composer, Charles Ives composed many innovative pieces of music.
  • knaves The knights were too busy fighting the knaves.
  • Knives "I need to sharpen the knives before we start cooking," said Julia as she pulled out the knife sharpener.
  • LUVS
  • nave The nave of the church was lined with wooden pews.
  • navels My sister and I have different navels, hers is an innie and mine is an outie.
  • naves The cathedral had three naves.
  • Navies The navies of different countries were gathered in the same waters for the international naval exercise.
  • nerves I have so many nerves before giving a speech.
  • never
  • nevis The bird nevis is found only on the island of Nevis.
  • nevus The dermatologist recommended monitoring the nevus on my arm for any changes in color or size.
  • Nieves
  • Noes The noes have it - meaning the vote results in a decision of rejection or disagreement.
  • Novas Novas are very bright and explosive events that can be observed in space.
  • novels I love to read novels and escape into different worlds and stories.
  • nubs The dog chewed off the nubs of his bone.
  • nudes I would rather not provide a sentence with the word "nudes" as it may be inappropriate or offensive.
  • nudges She gently nudges her child to wake up for school.
  • nukes Many countries have agreed to reduce their stockpile of nukes in order to reduce global tensions.
  • nuns Nuns are usually very quiet.
  • Nurses The nurses were busy charting the patients' vitals.
  • NUS
  • nuts
  • Yves Yves is a fashionable name.

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