Correct spelling for NW

We think the word nw is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for nw

  • Ww
  • Mw
  • Costa rica finished 2015 with an additional 59 mw of power generation in wind energy, after the inauguration of the orosi plant (50 mw) in october and “vientos del oeste” project (9 mw).

  • Nc(Definition of nc)
  • Adb (nonregional members), afdb (nonregional members), arctic council, australia group, bis, cbss, ce, cern, eapc, ebrd, eib, esa, eu, fao, g-9, g-10, iadb, iaea, ibrd, icao, icc, icct, icrm, ida, iea, ifad, ifc, ifrcs, iho, ilo, imf, imo, imso, interpol, ioc, iom, ipu, iso, itso, itu, ituc, miga, minurcat, monuc, nam (guest), nc, nea, nib, nsg, oas (observer), oecd, opcw, osce, paris club, pca, pfp, schengen convention, un, unctad, unesco, unhcr, unido, unmil, unmis, unmogip, unomig, unrwa, untso, upu, wco, weu (observer), wftu, who, wipo, wmo, wto, zc

  • Ny
  • Tuvalu does not have an embassy in the us - the country's only diplomatic post is in fiji - tuvalu does, however, have a un office located at 800 2nd avenue, suite 400d, new york, ny 10017, telephone: [1] (212) 490-0534

  • Aw
  • Aw, i'd hate to do it.

  • Wnw
  • Na(Definition of na)
  • "there is na room for mair nor ane at a time, father," answered cosmo; "an' i houp to get the stane oot afore i'm tired.

    Kuzure ochite shimai sou na Jibun wo mamoru tame na no sa

    – Ketsui No Asa Ni by Aqua Timez
  • Np
  • New zealand act new zealand [richard prebble]; alliance (a coalition of the new labor party, democratic party, new zealand liberal party, and mana motuhake) [james (jim) anderton]; green party [jeanette fitzsimons and rod donald]; national party or np [don brash]; new zealand first party or nzfp [winston peters]; new zealand labor party or nzlp [helen clark]; united future or uf [peter dunne]

  • Kw
  • Electricity: 16,000 kw capacity; 22 million kwh produced, 1,550 kwh per capita (1989)

  • Cw(Definition of CW)
  • Ew and cw contact lenses can be worn overnight because of their high oxygen permeability.

  • Nd(Definition of nd)
  • Wall, dana came ter denver in the fall uv '83- a very different party from the man we thought ter see! a nice 'nd clean old gentleman, so dignerfied 'nd calm- you bet yer life he never did no human bein' harm! a certain hearty manner 'nd a fullness uv the vest betokened that his sperrits 'nd his victuals wuz the best; his face was so benevolent, his smile so sweet 'nd kind, that they seemed to be the reflex uv an honest, healthy mind, and god had set upon his head a crown uv silver hair in promise of the golden crown he meaneth him to wear; so, uv us boys that met him out 'n denver there wuz none but fell in love with dana uv the noo york sun.

  • Nw
  • Chief of mission: ambassador mahamat adam bechir chancery: 2002 r street nw, washington, dc 20009 telephone: [1] (202) 462-4009 fax: [1] (202) 265-1937

  • Pw
  • N(Definition of N)
  • N.e., on the geroanne.

  • Nu
  • "nu-nu-nuthin'," sube managed to gulp out.

  • Nt(Definition of nt)
  • X = a cos nt, y = b sin nt, (10)

  • Now(Definition of now)
  • Now, b'ys, what's the meanin' of this?

    Dost see how unregarded now That piece of beauty passes? There was a time when I did vow To that alone;

    – Sonnet I by sir John suckling
  • Nj
  • Liatris gracilis – slender blazing star - ms al ga fl sc liatris helleri – hellers blazing star, turgid blazing star - md wv va nc liatris hirsuta – hairy blazing star - central + southeastern united states liatris laevigata – shortleaf blazingstar - fl ga liatris lancifolia – lanceleaf blazingstar - nm tx co wy ks ne sd ia liatris ligulistylis – rocky mountain blazing star, strap-style blazing star - man sas alb nd sd mn wi il ia mo ne wy mt co nm liatris microcephala – small-head blazing star - nc sc ga al tn ky liatris novae-angliae – new england blazing-star liatris ohlingerae – florida blazing star, scrub blazing star - fl liatris oligocephala – cahaba torch - al liatris patens – spreading blazing star, georgia blazing star - fl ga sc liatris pauciflora – fewflower blazing star - al ga fl sc nc liatris pilosa – grass-leaf blazing star, shaggy blazing star - sc nc va md de pa nj liatris × platylepis - la liatris provincialis – godfreys blazing star - fl liatris punctata – dotted blazing star, plains gayfeather - man sas alb eastern + central united states coahuila, nuevo león, tamaulipas, san luis potosí liatris pycnostachya – prairie blazing star, button snakeroot, cattail gayfeather, thickspike gayfeather, kansas gayfeather - que eastern united states liatris × ridgwayi - il ks liatris savannensis – savanna blazing star - fl liatris scariosa – northern gayfeather, devils bite - eastern + central united states liatris × serotina - la liatris × spheroidea - ont liatris spicata – dense blazing star, button snakewort, florist gayfeather, marsh blazingstar, prairie-pine - ont que eastern united states liatris squarrosa – loosescale gayfeather, colicroot, scaly blazing star - central + southeastern united states liatris squarrulosa – southern gayfeather, appalachian blazing star - south-central + southeastern united states liatris × steelei - il in ky liatris tenuifolia – pine-needle gayfeather, shortleaf gayfeather - ms al ga tn sc liatris tenuis – gulf blazing star, shinners gayfeather - tx la liatris virgata – wand blazing star, kings mountain gayfeather, piedmont gayfeather - va wv nc sc ga liatris × weaveri - ne

  • Nv
  • Eads nv was renamed airbus group nv and se in 2014, and 2015, respectively.

  • Ns
  • Lithuania civil democracy party or pdp [viktor muntianas]; coalition of labor party and youth or kdp+j [viktor uspaskich]; electoral action of lithuanian poles or llra [valdemar tomaszevski]; homeland union - lithuanian christian democrats or ts-lkd [andrius kubilius]; lithuanian peasant popular union or lvls [kazimiera prunskiene]; liberal and center union or lcs [arturas zuokas]; liberal movement or lrls [eligijus masiulis]; national revival or tpp [arunas valinskas]; new union (social liberal) or ns [arturas paulauskas]; order and justice party or tt [rolandas paksas]; social democratic party or lsdp [gediminas kirkilas]; young lithuania and new nationalists [stanislovas buskevicius]

  • Ow(Definition of OW)
  • You yankees cayn't un'stan' ow southe'n weatheh, seh!"

  • Sw
  • Nr
  • Conceive my situation on finding myself to-morrow night, amidst the smoke and stir of that dim spot which men call stratford place, nr. 2....

  • Nwt
  • Operation bulldog i, the first in a series of military exercises during the cold war carried out in canada operation bulldog ii, the second in a series of military exercises during the cold war carried out in canada operation bulldog iii, a military exercise during the cold war in yellowknife, nwt operation bulldog mammoth, was a brigade-sized cordon and search of an abu ghurayb apartment complex, northwest of baghdad on december 4, 2003

  • Nf
  • Executive branch: chief of state: president jules wijdenbosch (since 14 september 1996); vice president pretaapnarian radhakishun (since 14 september 1996); note - the president is both the chief of state and head of government head of government: president jules wijdenbosch (since 14 september 1996); vice president pretaapnarian radhakishun (since 14 september 1996); note - the president is both the chief of state and head of government cabinet: cabinet of ministers appointed by the president from among the members of the national assembly elections: president and vice president elected by the national assembly or, if no presidential or vice presidential candidate receives a constitutional majority vote in the national assembly after two votes, by the larger people's assembly (869 representatives from the national, local, and regional councils), for five-year terms; election last held 23 may 1996; runoff election held 5 september 1996 (next to be held na may 2000) note: widespread demonstrations during the summer of 1999 led to the calling of elections a year early election results: jules wijdenbosch elected president; percent of legislative vote - na; national assembly failed to elect the president; results reflect votes cast by the people's assembly - jules wijdenbosch (ndp) received 438 votes, ronald venetiaan (nf) received 407 votes

  • Nz
  • Foreign-owned: 1,186 (albania 1, colombia 1, denmark 20, estonia 20, germany 1050, greece 5, iceland 9, isle of man 2, latvia 16, lithuania 4, mexico 2, netherlands 18, norway 9, nz 2, poland 2, russia 3, slovenia 1, sweden 1, switzerland 7, turkey 7, us 6) (2010)

  • W(Definition of W)
  • Ne(Definition of ne)
  • Chi choppe et ne tombe pas adiouste a ces pas.

    Mitsumete imashita ne Kudakete shimatta dosei no you ni

    – Yuri Collection by Hajime Chitose
  • Ni
  • No pudo ver ni un solo ganso.

    Pa wo mei shen me neng gou gei ni Ai ni ye xu yao hen da de yong qi

    – Qing Fei De Yi (Mandarin Not English) by F4
  • New(Definition of new)
  • This new table, o my brethren, i put over you: become hard!

    An old love, a new love, So long as it's true love,

    – Finale by Unknown Author
  • Nh
  • There are seven navy yards belonging to, and occupied for the use of the united states, viz. -the navy yard at portsmouth, nh, is situated on an island, contains fifty-eight acres, cost 5,500 dollars.

  • Nm
  • Montserrat exclusive fishing zone: 200 nm territorial sea: 3 nm