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Possible correct spellings for ob

  • ab Near the ark is the Synagogue of Ezra to this day, and on the ninth of Ab the Jews come thither from the city to pray.
  • bb 2. bb. Once more, let us go back to the beginning, and ask if the one is not, and the others of the one are, what will follow.
  • bob However, Bob, what's the odds now?
  • cob It was late by the time we encamped, and the horses were much in want of water, especially the big cob, who kept coming up to the camp all night, and tried to get at our water-bags, pannikins, etc.
  • fob There was a great outfit of Kate Greenaway writing paper for Ethelwyn; a black doll-baby apiece for Beth and Nan; and a watch with a leather fob and jockey cap attachments for his namesake, Bobby.
  • gb Action Replay MAX including 64 MB Memory Stick (August 2005) [Power-saves only] Action Replay for PSP including 64 MB or 1 GB Memory Stick [Power-saves only] Action Replay PSP including 1 GB Memory Stick (October 2008) Action Replay PSP Online (December 2009)
  • gob O valgame Dios, Sor. Gob^{or} Tastuanes, sicana amigo Cap^n Alg^l M^{or}, campamento Sres.
  • hob Wish I had some more of those hob-spikes.
  • job I'd like to have the job.
  • kb It is possible to make a ​3 1⁄2-inch floppy disk drive be recognized by a system as a ​5 1⁄4‑inch 360 KB or 1200 KB drive, and to read and write disks with the same number of tracks and sectors as those disks; this had some application in data exchange with obsolete CP/M systems.
  • lob I want you to come with us on this mysterious walk and keep an eye on Lob.
  • mob Don't you hear the mob-the stones at the windows?
  • nob Nob had no nerves but Cob had plenty So Cobby went where Nobby led. He had no brains inside his head, Was fearless, just like Nob, but put Some clog of folly round his foot, Where Nob put will of force or fraud; He spat aside and muttered Gawd When vext; he took to whiskey kindly And loved and followed Nobby blindly, And rode as in the saddle born.
  • ob I has register in de church ob every pusson dat ebber buried in dis cemetry from de berry beginnin-from de year ob de great earthquake itself.
  • obi The hut was a temple of Obi: in plainer terms, the dwelling of an Obeah-man.
  • oh Oh yes, if you like to.
  • omb The bill would require the OMB Director to submit to Congress: (1) a five-year strategic plan to develop, strengthen, and solidify IT acquisition cadres; and (2) a plan for improving management of IT programs and projects.
  • on Balsamides looked on quietly.
  • or 225, 226. 1204 Or.
  • orb The orb which represented Mars stood still in the centre of the space, and this orb soon occupied the whole area.
  • pb The single combined "Good Evening Friends" with the more fully titled "Up Above My Head, I Hear Music in the Air" (Philips PB 708), and peaked at number 25 in the UK Singles Chart.
  • rob What do you think, Rob?"
  • yb (Main list of acronyms) Top Y0–9 YA YB YC YD YE YF YG YH YI YJ YK YL YM YN YO YP YQ YR YS YT YU YV YW YX YY YZ y – (s) Yocto- Y – (s) Yotta – Yttrium
  • yob Catharsis (Elis album), 2009 Catharsis (Közi album) (Katarushisu), or the title song, 2004 Catharsis ( Yob album), a 2003 album by Yob Catharsis (Machine Head album), 2018 Songs "Catharsis", a song by Anthrax from Volume 8: The Threat Is Real "Catharsis", a song by Pitchshifter from Industrial "Catharsis", a song by Versailles from Jubilee
  • B 735. 2617 Phaedo, 86 B. 2618 Zeller, iii.
  • Oe There are several 'oe' ligatures, which are rendered separately, as in 'OEdipus'.
  • CB Major-General Edward Charles Ingouville-Williams CB, DSO (13 December 1861 – 22 July 1916) was a British Army officer of the First World War.
  • OBS 8 50 E Obs.
  • OBJ Reply Obj. 3: The movements of the body are differentiated according to the different apprehensions and emotions of the soul.
  • OI Ah, an' if Oi cud affoord it, Oi'd have it varnished now!
  • OTB Opytno Konstrooktorskoye Byuro Motorostroeniya – experimental design/construction bureau for motor construction (modern acronym) OKBM Opytno Konstrooktorskoye Byuro Mashinostroeniya – experimental design/construction bureau for machine construction (early version of OKB) OKO Opytno-konstruktorskoye - experimental design section Kiev Tairov OLAGA Ordena Lenina Akademiya Grazhdahnskoy Aviatsii – Leningrad Civil Aviation Academy decorated with the Order of Lenin OMO Opitno-Motorniy Otdel- experimental motor department OMOS - department of marine experimental aircraft construction OND Otdel Neftyanikh Dvigateley- department of crude oil engines OOK - department of special construction OOS Otdel Opytnogo Samolyetostroeniya - section for experimental aircraft construction OPO Opytnyy Otdel - experimental department Osoaviakhim Obshchestvo Sodeystviya Aviatsii i Khimii- society for assistance to aviation and chemical industry OSGA OSK - department for special construction OSO Obshchestvo sodeystviya Oborone – Defence Enhancement Society OSS Otdel Sookhoputnykh Samolyotov - department for experimental land-plane construction Ostekhburo special technical bureau for military inventions OSVOD Obshchestvo Spasaniya na Vodakh – Nautical Rescue Agency OTB Osoboe Technicheskoye Byuro – special technical bureau OTL Otdel Tekhnologicheskikh Laboratoriy – technical laboratories section OVI - department of war intervention of RKKA PA Polyarnaya Aviatsiya – polar aviation PINRO Polyarnyy Institut Morskovo Rybnovo Khozyaystva I Okeanografii – polar institute of oceanic fishery and oceanography PPOM Permskoye Proizvodstvennoye Ob"yedineniye Motorostroyeniya – Perm engine production association Promvoensovet Soviet Voennoy Promishlennostii – council of the defence industry RAM Russkii Aviatsonniy Motor – Russian aviation motor RBVZ Rusko-Baltiyskiy Vagonniy Zavod – Russo-Baltic Wagon Factory Revvoensovet Revolutsionniy Voenniy Sovet – revolutionary military council RIB Raschetno-Ispyatelnoye Byuro – Calculation and Testing Office RIIGA Rizhskiy Institut Inzhenerov Grazhdahnskoy – Riga Civil Aviation Engineers Institute RKBM Rybinskoye Konstruktorskoye Byuro Motorostroyeniya – Rybinsk motor constructors burea RKIIGA Rizhskiy Krasnoznamennyy Institut Inzhenerov Grazhdahnskoy Aviatsii – Red Banner institute of civil aviation engineers RKKVF Raboche-Krestyanskoy Krasnoy Armii - Vozdushniy Flot – Workers' and peasants red army air fleet RNII Raketnyy Nauchno-Issledovatelskiy Institut - reaction engine scientific research institute ROSTO Rossiyskoye Oboronnoye Sportivno-tekhnicheskoye Obschchestvo – russian Defence Sports and Technical Society Post USSR split RPKB Ramenskoye Priborno-Konstruktorskoye Byuro – Ramenskoye instrument design bureau RSFSR - Russian Federation RSK MiG Rossiyskaya Samolyotostroitelnaya Korporatsiya – Russia aircraft construction corporation MiG RVS Revolutsionniy Voenniy Sovet (or Revvoensovet) – revolutionary military council SibNIA Sibirskiy Nauchno-Issledovatelskiy Institut Aviatsii – Siberian aeronautical research institute SKB 1.
  • BO The Krooman had no opportunity for putting the question; for Bo Muzem, on drawing near to the gate of the town, had allowed his passion to mount into a violent rage; and as he beheld the slaves, shouted out, "Christian dogs!
  • DOB DOB is one of the most potent compounds in PiHKAL; while the active dose is similar to that of DOI, another psychedelic amphetamine, DOB has been shown to have a higher efficacy in triggering downstream effects mediated by 5-HT2 receptors, making it likely to be slightly more dangerous than DOI in overdose, due to greater vasoconstrictive action.
  • OW " Ow na, dawtie; nae noo.
  • sob A sob, so low as to be scarcely heard, broke from Nelly, and she pressed her hand to her heart with a convulsive force.

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