Correct spelling for OBECT

We think the word obect is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for obect

  • Bobcat
  • Early winter and early spring one may have sight or track of deer and bear and bighorn, cougar and bobcat, about the thickets of buckthorn on open slopes between the black pines.

  • Beget(Definition of beget)
  • If i am undutiful and graceless, why did he beget me so?

  • Abc(Definition of abc)
  • [illustration: the rays ad and cd appear to be no longer than the ray bd; but if all the rays seem of the same length, the part b will not seem to be nearer to us than a and c, and therefore abc will look like a flat or straight line.

  • Ebert
  • When prince max went down in the revolution, he remitted the reins of government to ebert and scheidemann.

  • Abed(Definition of abed)
  • She had sat up long after miss salome was abed, to boil another saucepan of taffy for chester to eat on his journey.

  • Obit(Definition of obit)
  • Obit gulielmus trumbull, olim regi gul. a secretis, annum agens 75. amicus meus humanissimus a juvenilibus annis.

  • Obj
  • Reply obj. 2: as stated above, our motive in praying is, not that we may change the divine disposition, but that, by our prayers, we may obtain what god has appointed.

  • Act(Definition of act)
  • As the act ran its course her mind became fixed upon the close, upon the call for claude.

  • Obesity(Definition of obesity)
  • This cause, almost always present, acts differently, according to the constitution of individuals; and in those who have badly organized stomachs, produces indigestion, but not obesity.

  • Elect(Definition of elect)
  • We are soon to elect a member of the council-general from this arrondissement; and that member must be you.

  • Orbit(Definition of orbit)
  • Susie's affectionate heart, which had been swayed a moment from its orbit by the irresistible attraction of bertie leon's diamond breastpin and city swagger, swung back to its ancient course under the mild influence of time and the weather and opportunity.

  • Begat(Definition of Begat)
  • It has often been claimed that the feeling of modesty was not the reason for the invention of clothing, but that the clothes begat modesty.

  • Eject(Definition of eject)
  • He was neither a bad nor a good landlord-that is to say, his land was seldom let for more than double its value; and his agent did not eject his tenants as long as they contrived not to increase the arrears which they owed when he undertook the management of the property; but sir michael himself neither looked after their welfare, or took the slightest care to see that they were comfortable.

  • Acct
  • Acct, acp, afdb, au, bdeac, cemac, fao, fz, g-77, iaea, ibrd, icao, icct, icrm, ida, idb, ifad, ifc, ifrcs, ilo, imf, interpol, ioc, itso, itu, ituc, miga, nam, oic, oif, opcw, un, unctad, unesco, unido, unoci, unwto, upu, wcl, wco, wftu, who, wipo, wmo, wto

  • Abject(Definition of abject)
  • The abject powerlessness of his will was the startling revelation.

  • Abet(Definition of abet)
  • Since his refusal to abet the project of a loan to albert, clara had been secretly hostile under her superficial sisterliness, and auntie hamps had often assured him, in a manner extraordinarily exasperating, that she was convinced he had acted conscientiously for the best.

  • Object(Definition of object)
  • Abimelech seemed to have reached his object.

  • Oct(Definition of oct)
  • He shared the fate of the girondins, 31 oct 1793, crying with his last breath, "vive la republique!"

  • Becket(Definition of becket)
  • But john of oxford, the king's agent with the pope, had the address to procure orders for suspending this sentence: and he gave the pontiff such hopes of a speedy reconcilement between the king and becket, that two legates, william of pavia and otho, were sent to normandy, where the king then resided, and they endeavoured to find expedients for that purpose.

  • Abut(Definition of abut)
  • The swazis also abut on it, and they are independent.

  • Objector(Definition of objector)
  • But, replies the objector, it is impossible that any man has eternal life given him in christ, till he believes.

  • Begot(Definition of Begot)
  • Raised his birth-place and in other playful ways begot his mother.

  • Erect(Definition of erect)
  • The plants all are more or less erect, or at least stand out from the substratum, that is, the substance on which they are growing.

  • Abduct(Definition of abduct)
  • "thank you! well then, mr allynne markworth, do you know that that girl has a large fortune, and it is a very serious offence in the eyes of the law to abduct, and enter into a false contract of marriage with a girl of feeble intellect like that?"

17 words made from the letters obect

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3 letter words made from obect:

bot, ceo, cob, ect, oct, bet, tec, etc, cot, toe, otc.