Correct spelling for OBIOULY

We think the word obiouly is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for obiouly

  • ably He was ably supported by Senator Hoar, from Massachusetts, who took his stand upon the proposition that "governments derive their just powers from the consent of the governed."
  • bally So you think I'm going to strew prizes at this bally Dotheboys Hall of yours?
  • belly I began by drawing back my bed, and after lighting my lamp I lay down on my belly, my pike in my hand, with a napkin close by in which to gather the fragments of board as I scooped them out.
  • bile Bile his porridge, don't slight it or let it be lumpy, don't give him dish-watery tea, brile his toast and make his beef tea as you would read chapters of scripter-carefully and not with eye service.
  • bill Hadn't so much as heard of that there Home Rule Bill of old Gladstone's, and didn't even know there'd been a war in the Sowd'n!"
  • billy But in spite of all his friends, Unc' Billy was lonesome.
  • blowy The weather was mild, though rather blowy.
  • bola * Hunting with the bola is constantly represented in the paintings both of the Memphite and Theban periods.
  • bole He sat with his back comfortably against the tree bole, his shock of black hair falling almost to his shoulders in back and rudely hacked off above his eyes.
  • boll The cotton boll-weevil, which has recently overspread the cotton belt of Texas and is steadily extending its range, is said to cause an annual loss of about $3,000,000. The Biological Survey has ascertained and gives wide publicity to the fact that at least 43 kinds of birds prey upon this destructive insect.
  • boole BOOLE, English mathematician, born at Lincoln; mathematical professor at Cork; author of "Laws of Thought," an original work, and "Differential Equations" (1815-1864).
  • bowl There was no need to tell Ethelyn that "he was up and around," for she had known it ever since a certain shutter had been opened, and a man in his shirt-sleeves had appeared before the window and thrown water from the wash bowl upon the lilac bushes below.
  • boyle J. R. Boyle, F.S.A., has gone carefully over the churchwardens' accounts of St. Nicholas', now the Cathedral of the city of Newcastle, and reproduced some curious items in his guide to the building.
  • bull Among his sitters there is none more useful than the burly man who serves equally well for "Policeman A 1" or John Bull, for the Duke of Cambridge or Prince Bismarck.
  • bully "Aye lak yu bully!
  • burly For a little while in this French train they were out of the hurly-burly of their flight.
  • cobol 1 embarked on the design of a successor, code-named ALGOL X, to the ALGOL 60 programming language with a much wider application scope, including non-numerical programming, areas better served by languages like COBOL and Lisp than by ALGOL 60.
  • doubly I am doubly engaged for the evening!
  • fibula Of the two tuberosities, that which is internal is comparable to the internal malleolus of man, the one on the outer side forms a sort of external malleolus; but this latter here belongs to the tibia, and not to the fibula.
  • idly I left the whole company seated idly in a maple-tree, where, to all appearance, they proposed to observe the remainder of the day as a Sabbath.
  • mobile All the steamers on the blockade except the Bellevite and the one in the west had been sent away on other duty, for it was believed that the former would be enough to overhaul anything that was likely to come out of Mobile Bay at this stage of the war.
  • nobly He rose early and descended to the parlour; Mr. de Warens, the nobly appellatived foot-boy, was laying the breakfast-cloth.
  • obi There was nothing for it but, having crossed the Obi, to take the Irkutsk road and avoid Tomsk.
  • obit
  • oblique
  • obloquy
  • oboe
  • oily
  • only
  • orbicular
  • orbital
  • oriole
  • orly
  • ormolu
  • wobbly
  • Ebola The Ebola virus, for which the primary host is suspected to be fruit bats, has been linked to bushmeat.
  • Abdul Abdul collapsed into a little heap.
  • BIOL -Male, adult, skull, skin, and baculum, No. 158181 U. S. Nat. Mus. Biol.
  • OBIS Obis Indo-Pacific Molluscan Database : Buccinidae Worldwide Malacological Catalog : Buccinidae Bouchet Ph.
  • ante-date -I count not the number of my scars,-nor does my fancy go forth into dark entries and bye-corners to ante-date my stabs.

46 words made from the letters obiouly

4 letter words made from obiouly:

yool, ubol, bloy, looy, yolo, lybo, bilu, buyi, bilo, oliy, boil, lioy, yobi, oboi, byul, byoo, buoy, boyo, ilbo, yibo, youi, luyi, yobo, yulo, yoob, yuli, oily, bolo, booy, boly, booi, buil.

3 letter words made from obiouly:

boy, loo, oui, oil, obi, buy, yob, iou, lob, boo, ilo, luo.

5 letter words made from obiouly:

liubo, buliy.

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