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How to spell OCCUES correctly?

If you have accidentally typed "occues" instead of "occurs", fear not! Here are some correct alternatives. You may consider using "occurs" for the present tense, "happens" for a more informal tone or "takes place" for a slightly more formal approach. Remember to always proofread your work before finalizing it!

List of suggestions on how to spell occues correctly

  • accrues The company's debt accrues each day.
  • accuses The prosecution accuses the defendant of embezzlement.
  • coccus The bacterium Streptococcus pyogenes, also known as the flesh-eating bacteria, usually appears as a coccus.
  • Cues The actor relies on visual and auditory cues to know when to enter the stage.
  • occupies The train station occupies a significant chunk of downtown.
  • occur It is not uncommon for accidents to occur on this busy highway.
  • occurs An earthquake typically occurs when two pieces of the Earth's crust suddenly slip past each other.

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