What is the correct spelling for ODITY?

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Correct spelling for ODITY

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Possible correct spellings for odity

  • acidity For all the trepidation it had caused him, the doubts and fears and panics, he took his revenge in words of biting acidity-and he was through with the thing.
  • admit You admit all this?
  • amity She said our hard storms of that winter had been caused by the general hatred in Europe which created evil waves of malignity; so let 'em shoot each other till they got sense enough to dwell together in love and amity-only we shouldn't prolong the war by sending 'em soup and cigarettes, and so on.
  • aridity 15. What, then, will he do here who sees that, for many days, he is conscious only of aridity, disgust, dislike, and so great an unwillingness to go to the well for water, that he would give it up altogether, if he did not remember that he has to please and serve the Lord of the garden; if he did not trust that his service was not in vain, and did not hope for some gain by a labour so great as that of lowering the bucket into the well so often, and drawing it up without water in it?
  • audit It has struck more than one writer about John Hales, that the following is a curious trait: he was a remarkably good man of business: he was bursar of Eton for many years, and his precise, formal signature may still be seen in the audit books, and it is told of him that he was accustomed to throw into the river at the bottom of the college garden any base or counterfeit coin that he chanced to receive on behalf of the college, paying the loss out of his own pocket.
  • avidity It was reserved neither for Charles nor Philip to divert the succession in Germany from the numerous offspring of Maximilian; yet it is instructive to observe the unprincipled avidity with which the prize was sought by both.
  • dat I reckon so, sar; kase dere ain't nobody but Julius been on de schooner or 'bout it sence dat time.
  • ddt Main article: List of debuggers Some widely used debuggers are: Eclipse debugger API used in a range of IDEs: Eclipse IDE (Java) Nodeclipse (JavaScript) Firefox JavaScript debugger GDB - the GNU debugger LLDB Microsoft Visual Studio Debugger Radare2 Valgrind WDW, the OpenWatcom debugger WinDbg Earlier minicomputer debuggers include: Dynamic debugging technique (DDT) On-line Debugging Tool (ODT) Earlier Mainframe debuggers include (in date of release order): 1985 CA/EZTEST 1990 XPEDITER and Expediter CICS Current mainframe debuggers: Debug Tool for z/OS XPEDITER and Expediter CICS z/XDC
  • deity Yamato-dake went over the moor to find the deity.
  • diet Her complexion, too, owing to her careful diet, her hours of repose, and her knowledge of skin foods and lotions, remained smooth, fair and unfurrowed.
  • dirt The sweepers have not taken out the dirt, and the maids have not washed the marble steps.
  • dirty "Poor, dirty, little Inditos," Jacqueline mused aloud.
  • ditto 610 3 Ditto 2952 Dec 56.4 53.5 2.9 .
  • ditty "It reminds me of the commencement of a laughable extempore ditty," said I to my young friend, A. C--, who was staying with me, "composed by my husband, during the first very cold night we spent in Canada"- Oh, the cold of Canada nobody knows, The fire burns our shoes without warming our toes; Oh, dear, what shall we do?
  • dot Shrub-grown knolls dot the rolling surface, while lakes and streams give abundant water.
  • dote These made him dote Upon the homely beauties of his boat, Whose pitch-black hull roll'd darkly on the wave, No gayer than one single stripe of blue Could make her swarthy sides.
  • dotty Now, she loved Dotty dearly, and considered her funny all over, from the crown of her head to the soles of her little twinkling feet, which were squeezed into a pair of gaiters.
  • dowdy Amateur toys are mostly very dowdy.
  • duty It is the duty of those who take only this degree to obey, not to question.
  • edict On his arrival in Ireland, he found that the monastery, with its property, had been seized on by one of the neighboring gentry, who was sheltered in his usurpation by the edict of Elizabeth.
  • edify Or again, you may urge that to re-edify our Cathedral is none of your business-as officially indeed it is none of mine, but concerns the Dean and Chapter.
  • edit 1569. 415. Prycke, 1st edit.
  • editor What editor could withstand me, then?
  • idly Scarcely ten minutes later, when Audrey was upstairs in her sitting-room, waiting idly for the luggage and her husband to arrive, and thinking upon the case of Lady Southminster, the telephone bell rang out startlingly.
  • iodide This latter mixture has been sold in our market under the name of " Iodide of Brome."
  • nudity Every farmer we met was a perfect picture of wretchedness and misery; their women dirty and covered with rags, which could scarcely conceal their nudity; the cattle lean and starving; and the horses so weak that they could scarcely stand upon their legs.
  • oat Here's pasty an' oat cake, an' a keg o' water that I'll stow beside thee.
  • obit Carpenter His brothers obit in NYT on April 10, 1894 The Bockée Family (Boucquet) 1641-1897 by Martha Bockée Flint (page 93) MONTANA TAKE WARNING; DONT MAKE B.
  • odd An odd sight it was.
  • oddity Nay, in the exuberance of his feelings, he seized both of Tabitha's hands, and danced the old lady across the floor, till the oddity of her rheumatic motions set him into a roar of laughter, which was echoed back from the rooms and chambers, as if Peter Goldthwaite were laughing in every one.
  • oddly Rather oddly they met Springrove again in a few minutes.
  • ode Remember, we shall expect a valedictory ode in the next number of the Croppy.
  • odets A main character in the play Golden Boy by Clifford Odets is named Joe Bonaparte after him.
  • odin O king, whose wrath the Odin-born array'd, Regain the lost, and yield the Christian maid!
  • odium The effect of the fee is to keep out of the board schools thousands of children who ought to be in them; and the attempt to enforce its payment increases the odium which almost necessarily attends upon compulsion.
  • omit Then omit nothing, however slight.
  • otis He accordingly laughed his most horrible laugh, till the old vaulted roof rang and rang again, but hardly had the fearful echo died away when a door opened, and Mrs. Otis came out in a light blue dressing-gown.
  • out Out you go-all of you.
  • tidy "I suppose I must go and tidy up.
  • today This question is exercising the mind of not a few natives and others today; and it is claimed that the present practice is contrary to the Royal Proclamation of Religious Neutrality in the land.
  • toddy Well, you've emptied the toddy.
  • unity No other unity is intended, and therefore none is to be sought.
  • Did Ses he, " Did I, Majer?
  • It What is it, Davey?
  • Edith Involuntarily Gifford had glanced at Edith Morriston.
  • Odis That year, Shahriar Nafees became the first Bangladeshi to score over a thousand runs (which included three centuries) in a calendar year, while Mashrafe Mortaza became the leading wicket-taker in the world in ODIs staged in 2006 with 49 wickets.
  • Ot "Yes-Sir,-Tues'y night-Puffs-meets-on-Tues'y," and then addressing a young girl in the bar, delivered an order for "One-rum-one-bran'y-one gin-no-whisky-all-'ot," which I afterwards found to signify one glass of each of the liqueurs.
  • edits On your right hand, Lady Longshore, you will have Mr Timbs, who sweeps one of the principal crossings in St James's Street, on your left will be Mr Pudbrook, who edits that serviceable kitchen weekly, Happy Homes.
  • EDT Eastern Daylight Time (EDT), when observing daylight saving time DST (spring/summer) is 4 hours behind Coordinated Universal Time (UTC−04:00).
  • ITO But it was growing dark, there was no Transport Office, and for the first time the people were very slightly extortionate, and drove Ito nearly to his wits' end.
  • idiot Idiot that I am not to have known the knock!

13 words made from the letters odity

3 letter words made from odity:

dot, toy, ido, iod, tod, dit.

4 letter words made from odity:

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