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How to spell OFENT correctly?

If you mistakenly typed "ofent" instead of "often", fear not! It's a common slip-up. Auto-correct could be a lifesaver here. To avoid such errors, remember to double-check your spelling or proofread your text. Keeping an eye out for these mistakes will help you communicate effectively.

List of suggestions on how to spell ofent correctly

  • agent The company's agent will contact you regarding your application.
  • Anent I have nothing to say anent the matter.
  • event Tom is having an event at his house on Saturday night.
  • feint The boxer made a quick feint to the left before landing a powerful right hook on his opponent.
  • fend I had to fend for myself when my parents left me alone for the weekend.
  • font I need a different font for my cover letter.
  • offend I did not mean to offend anyone with my comments.
  • oft
  • often You often see her at the grocery store.
  • ONT I need to ONT to the office.
  • orient I had to orient myself to the new city to find my way around.
  • oven I baked a cake in the oven for my sister's birthday.
  • ovens It was quite warm in the ovens.
  • overt He blew her off with an overt gesture.

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