Correct spelling for OFFICERES

We think the word officeres is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable.

Possible correct spellings for officeres

  • office If I remember rightly, the post-office is on the left as you enter.
  • officer Before we left Florence-in fact, last winter-there was a most delightful young officer wished to marry her.
  • officious I have already more than once spoken of the disgusting air of patronage which he assumed toward me, and of his frequent officious interference with my will.
  • officers Officers, take him away!"
  • offers It offers a refuge to a woman who is alone in the world."
  • offices People were astonished when they reckoned up the number of considerable men who served him in high offices, and were then deprived of them.

256 words made from the letters officeres

6 letter words made from officeres:

fieres, coffer, effeir, ofrece, fieser, sorice, riesco, effros, soifer, frisee, cories, forsee, cefiro, freies, office, recife, coffee, freeof, crieff, feifer, cerise, freise, seifer, fierce, fiesco, coffie, seeoff, siffre, fresco, forces, soffer, froese, cersei, siefer, fifers, reffos, effroi, ecorse, soiree, offers, coiffe, offres.

4 letter words made from officeres:

3 letter words made from officeres:

fes, cis, ifc, foe, fir, roe, cio, ecf, ice, eff, rio, cos, res, roc, fri, ore, see, ire, sic, cro, ceo, iso, esr, fee, ese, sec, irs, ref, for, sif, cer, ies, sir, off, eec, eos.

5 letter words made from officeres:

ceres, feers, orfes, rfees, corsi, roese, croff, rices, sfere, fices, iseco, scire, reios, ciose, fresi, cores, feces, scree, frico, fiero, sfeir, fiefs, freis, icfes, forse, reces, reise, eroei, reffo, feres, seeff, fries, coirs, soire, reifs, risco, sofer, reefs, coser, seier, reiff, ioffe, roffe, frese, oeser, sieff, cerio, frees, recio, corfe, fires, forie, rosic, foree, rieff, coire, cofee, fiser, riffs, coifs, siero, soref, ifoce, frise, seeif, freie, erose, siree, socie, coffs, force, serei, serif, offer, foire, eorsi, friso, erice, isere, froes, score, riffe, sofri, riffo, cofer, ficos, crofs, offie, foris, riese, csere, sefer, fores, fifes, scoff, corse, feser, osier, sfeer, sefro, reife, seife.

7 letter words made from officeres:

coffers, coffees, scoffer, orefice, officer, fiorese, offices, effeirs, coiffes.

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