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How to spell OICKED correctly?

If you meant to write "picked" but accidentally spelled it as "oicked", fret not! These spelling mistakes are common. Here are some appropriate suggestions: "picked", "licked", "ticked" or "kicked". Always remember to double-check your spelling to ensure clarity in your writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell oicked correctly

  • Cocked A shotgun is always cocked.
  • Diked The farmer diked the field to prevent flooding during heavy rains.
  • docked The boat was docked safely at the marina.
  • Hiked Yesterday, I hiked for 5 miles in the mountains.
  • hocked I hocked my guitar to pay for rent.
  • iced
  • Inked
  • irked I was irked when I found the mess on my floor.
  • kicked I accidentally kicked the soccer ball into my neighbor's yard.
  • licked The dog licked his owner's face when he got home.
  • liked I really liked the movie I saw yesterday.
  • locked She accidentally locked herself out of her own house.
  • Mocked She was mocked by her classmates for being too obsessed with her phone.
  • Nicked
  • oiled The mechanic oiled the engine to make sure it ran smoothly.
  • Picked She picked up the pen and began writing in her notebook.
  • Piked I piked a golf ball into the cup on the green.
  • pocked The old wooden table was heavily pocked with scratches and dents from many years of use.
  • ricked I was really ricked after that fall.
  • Rocked He got really rocked by the news.
  • Ticked I've been feeling really ticked off lately.
  • wicked The wicked stepmother mistreated Cinderella.

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