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How to spell OLDEER correctly?

If you meant to type "older" but accidentally typed "oldeer", here are some correct alternatives to consider: "elders", "aged", "mature", "seniors" or "more seasoned". These words convey the intended meaning of someone or something being more advanced in age or experience.

List of suggestions on how to spell oldeer correctly

  • alder The forest was mostly composed of pine trees, but every so often an alder tree would poke through the canopy.
  • bolder She started to become bolder in her approach to tackling the task.
  • colder The weather in Alaska is colder than it is in Texas.
  • elder The elder members of the community shared stories of the past with the younger generation.
  • folder I need to create a new folder in my computer to organize my documents properly.
  • holder The wine holder kept the bottle steady on the table.
  • molder The old books began to molder in the damp basement.
  • moldier
  • odder The weather is really odder than usual for this time of year.
  • oder I can't decide whether to drink orange juice or oder.
  • olden He played in the olden days.
  • older
  • oldie
  • oldies
  • order We placed our order with the cashier.
  • solder
  • soldier The soldier valiantly defended his country against the enemy.

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