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How to spell OLICES correctly?

If you're looking for the correct spelling of "olices", you may have been referring to "olives". Other possible suggestions could include "offices", "polices" or "alices". Remember to double-check your intended word to ensure clear communication in your writing.

List of suggestions on how to spell olices correctly

  • Alice Alice went down the rabbit hole and discovered a world beyond her imagination.
  • elides "The author purposely elides certain details in the story to create a sense of mystery.
  • Elites The elites of our society have never faced such challenges before.
  • Helices The helices of a spiral galaxy are spiral bands of stars.
  • ices The ices were very cold.
  • laces I need to tie my shoe laces before we start jogging.
  • offices
  • oldies My favorite oldies station is always playing the best oldies music.
  • Oles Oles are a type of fish found in rivers and lakes.
  • olives
  • ounces The recipe called for six ounces of sugar.
  • places We went to different places for lunch.
  • polices The police department is responsible for enforcing the polices of the city.
  • Policies The company's policies were designed to ensure equal treatment and fairness for all employees.
  • slicers The restaurant used electric slicers to thinly slice the meats and cheeses for their sandwiches.
  • slices I love to eat toast with butter and thin slices of avocado on top.
  • sluices The sluices were opened to control the water flow.
  • solaces I find solaces in reading.

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