Correct spelling for OLIMPIKS

We think the word olimpiks is a misspelling. It could be just an incorrect spelling of the words which are suggested below. Review the list and pick the word which you think is the most suitable. For your convenience, we put a usage example below each word

Possible correct spellings for olimpiks

  • Olympians
  • The titans must yield to the olympians because, in a word, they are less beautiful, and 'tis the eternal law that first in beauty should be first in might.

  • Olympics
  • Its topographical characteristics vary from the low southern exposures of the inland river valleys, where strawberries mature as early as april, to the mountain summits of the cascades and olympics, where winter reigns supreme the year round.

  • Olympic
  • And from all these evils they will be delivered, and their life will be blessed as the life of olympic victors and yet more blessed.

  • Olympus
  • If i don't drive out the demons, you will have plenty of time to trot after olympus."

138 words made from the letters olimpiks

4 letter words made from olimpiks:

lisk, kilo, molk, ilio, lops, mops, piki, kopi, spik, loik, omsk, loki, kisi, slim, kiil, klop, moki, ilok, losi, olim, klim, oski, ilko, milo, ilpo, skop, liko, koli, kili, siki, pmoi, limo, isik, komi, iilm, slip, skip, silk, lisp, soil, mils, mips, osik, imps, skim, silo, klip, poki, moil, slop, polk, kolp, olmi, skio, kipi, milk, limp, smok, siok, siim.

3 letter words made from olimpiks:

lop, imo, ops, mis, iso, oil, mol, ilo, som, mls, lii, imp, lip, mps, mil, sop, psi, mop, olm, kos, poi, sol, pom, kip, sip, ism, ipo, pms, pol, ski, ilk.

5 letter words made from olimpiks:

milik, kimpo, silim, poisk, moisi, piksi, molik, islip, impli, komis, pikis, piils, kilim, silmi, klomp, mpilo, molki, kopli, smilo, simko, skimp, klosi, mikli, olimp, skimo, kiils, mikos, pismo, milko, kosli, sklim, kilps, moils, pikom, misko, kopis, milks, silko, mokis, ploms, mikis, pilis, pioli, limps, kolis, spoil, polks.